Friday, May 02, 2008

MAY DAY 2008

Spent today somewhere on Broadway as well up by City Hall.. I have a small amount of photos of the hundred or so I took today.. and will be adding the ones from the concert at City Hall later.. There are so many images going out there of today's rally/protest, and I can't say that mine really add to that.. but it was cool.



It was my first time going to this event. I wanted to go last year but as with a lot of stuff 'blogging' related, I didn't want to go by myself, which is what I was facing at the time. After the thing at MacArthur Park last year, I was like "omg.. good thing I didn't go.." but this year was cool. This year was calm. Honestly, if the worst of it for me were those really bad pix of the back of my head Don Garza shot, it's not too bad at all. ;P ehh..

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