Sunday, October 19, 2014

night light

Walking Home #beautifulberkeley #localbrew #neon #holidaylights
walking home tonight passing Triple Rock.. Shattuck Avenue has lovely holiday lights (and in some cases, decorations) wrapping all the trees on either side of Shattuck Avenue..

Collecting the Days


If I lie to the world will it go away
and nevermind me and my rave?
My personal shame in
the happiness in the gifts of time you spent,
the small tasks and joys you
put before me..
making my heart overflow..
happiness and joy with guilty lament..
put it in a box
store them all away
for the winter days..
when the darkness descends and
if my usefullness ends.
I'll take them all out
and let the bright light back in..
Memories collected from before when.

If I seem weepy, it's not necessarily the sadness
but the joy that overflows
and guilt of the happiness..
crossing my fingers for many more days..
To be of use and a friend to most any..
and thanking the days for the small things
(but oh so plenty!)
A token hello, a joy in the sun!
The warmth of kindness and potential for fun.
The feeling of being helpful and
of use to the micro-universe..
and hopeful friendship(s) but especially
Know I would do most anything
if only I am asked.. to be of use,
confidence and kindness and gratitude.
But yet this fear remains,
that if taken away..
(put it in a box)
I must make sure to store the days..

Monday, October 13, 2014

It's too early!

Out of milk, so headed to Berkeley Bowl to get a little something to tie over til the weekend.. and what do I spot front and center with the Berkeley Farms milk???
eggnog!!?? It's not even Hallowe'en yet!! *argh!!*

Though I do love the stuff.. it's just TOO EARLY!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

on the cusp of knowing..

yellow rose

oh that shining light
i can not compare
nor a bad poem or song bring to bear.*
You are LIGHT and
oh so very dear;
the good kind of matter
that time will well-care..
grow old, more precious and respected
the world would know You and
and oh me! more affected..
would that i could know you
and call you friend.
I would remind you,
with great joy and love..
I knew you when..

*and yet I write a bad poem to attempt to describe that I could not justly praise.. ;)

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

John Brothers Piano Company

Just when I need cheering up! #JohnBrosPianoCo #Music
John Brothers Piano Company performing in Downtown Berkeley Tues. evening of 30 Sept.

I was having a not so very good day and feeling rather down, (you ever have a day when something doesn't feel just right but you can't put your finger on it?) The fact I was feeling like this, then had a math class (which always causes me a little stress) my Tuesday afternoon wasn't looking/feeling too good.. I equated it to "general happiness with a frosted coating of crap.."

But then I got out of math class yesterday evening.. One of my favorite local bands was performing outside the entrance to the Berkeley BART station; I was just in time to catch the last performance of the last set.

I hope they cheer you up too.. even if you don't need cheering up. ;) Have a great midweek!