Monday, September 30, 2013

Brunch at Doyle Street

Not just food.. but home.. and happiness! =)

Sunday was our errand day.. What usually happens, we rent a GetAround (peer-to-peer car-sharing) for a few hours and get all our trips done in one day.. Unfortunately GetAround did not come through for us again (either the cars weren't available from the owners or people just didn't respond in the 12 hour request window), so we went with Zipcar.. What this meant was we could still get a carshare vehicle (from a company rather than a person) and we could decide where we wanted to get it.. Anyways.. The plan was to have brunch and then rent a Zipcar for our errands.. Which meant.. Doyle Street Cafe!

I can't recall the last time we had breakfast-y/ brunch at Doyle Street.. which is (as I've said several times) one of my most favorite places to have breakfast or brunch.. I love eating there.. The Joe's Special.. the Chorizo Scramble..(oh scratch that, that one's not on the menu anymore!) the Buckwheat Pancakes.. Seriously, I've always been happy with what I order, regardless..

I was craving their egg white scramble, which they don't have on the menu.. However, a nice lady had told me (I wish I remembered her name.. blonde server..) had told me on a trip after they updated their menu, that I could still get egg whites as an option with a number of their menu items.. So last time I was there I had the Florentine Omelet with egg whites.. and this time.. I had the Eggs Milan Scramble:

Milan Scramble @ Doyle Street Cafe
It was all veggies with a nice Pesto flavor that didn't need to be covered in hot sauce or anything else..

The spouse ordered Homefries Heaven (with a side order of corn bread of course!).. I was surprised he ordered this, since I knew his favorite was the Homefries Heaven at our OTHER favorite place.. Homemade Cafe (Doyle Street, Homemade, and Rudy's.. the triumvirate of breakfast goodness!) One of the things he's not crazy about is that the avocado is sliced rather than part of a guacamole... but we forget this as his plate is set in front of him..

Wait.. the Doyle Street HomeFries Heaven comes with scrambled eggs on top??? Seriously! When did that happen??

Well, I didn't take a photo but we both cleaned our plates, leaving behind the little packets of jam unopened.. one doesn't need jam on that amazingly yummy cornbread. No matter what I get at Doyle Street, I have to have the corn bread.. unless they're out.. then I'm sad. =(

Service was still good (We sat in the back section which always makes me worry we'll be forgotten) and I had nothing to worry about.. The folks at Doyle Street are super friendly, pretty consistent in service, even when they are crazy busy.. you won't be forgotten for too long.. Our server was working tables in the front and back and still managed to refill our coffee.. I know that doesn't sound like much, but it's been an issue at other places. The other thing I like is that staff doesn't seem to turn over so much like it does other places.. I still get happy when I see the same guy pouring my water or the same host or hostess seat us or serve our food. It's probably the key reason that we kept coming back to have brunch there when we were living in SoCal for the eight years we were gone.. The manager then (I wish I knew what happened to him! Maybe he retired?) always remembered us, no matter how long we'd been away.. He asked "Still in LA??" and we'd sadly reply "Yes.." but he was always positive, give us a reassuring comment that we'd make it back home one day.. and at least we got to back now and again. I wish I could tell him he was right..