Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweeping up the Crumbs..

Well if there's anything to do after experiencing a marketing panel it's getting energized to try new things. While I can't say anything new is happening here, I am trying out some new colors and maybe a new border. Meeko's Crumbs sounds messy and wishy-washy. Granted not a lot of folks really know me too well here, and honestly who cares? I'm not a mystery woman.. I'm rather mundane but I would like to do more with the blog than I'm doing and perhaps a bit of the same.. but having all these crumbs laying about just won't do!

Ideally I want to run a cleaner, tidier place. I'm trying the new blog title on for size and see how it looks. NO worries. Later on there is a chance you might see some more serious pieces of writing as I try to settle into my new digs. Until then.. Constructive input is always welcome.


skidrowdude said...

I like "Meeko on Main"! I'm not 100% sure about colors, as another site I visit and read a lot has white text on black and it bothers my eyes after reading for awhile... but it looks dramatic.

Glad the internet marketing seminar has you fired-up!

meekorouse said...

Thanks Eric =)

I wasn't sure about the colors either so I played with them some more when I got up today. (what? I know it's noon! Definitely doesn't bode well for my chances of getting regular work LOL)

I tweaked the colors. I liked the idea of a dark, more serious look. I guess having my nickname in the title keeps a little levity. ;P

Now what do I call it when I move to Spring?

Ehh.. the marketing seminar was an easy intro to the net.. I have a few other opinions on it but I'll keep those for when we all meet up for coffee one day.

Big City Poz said...

This is amazing. I redesigned my page without having seen your page--and we both switched to black and an off-white text. I wonder how that happened. It's strange, but strange in a good way.

Your new look is great and I like the new title. The photograph is nice also, but I curious how one of your black and white shots would look up there.

Bar 107 used to be called Mainspring back before it was Score and when it was one of the first gay bars in L.A. Meeko's Mainspring?

meekorouse said...

hmmm actually MainSpring was one of the names I was considering last night but Sean said it sounded like watch parts. ;)

That photo up there at the top is one of my black and whites. I just put a filter on it. I think it's of the Roebling building though at Traction. ;)

Thanks Joe. Today's really sucked for me. =)