Saturday, May 31, 2008

Awake on Main Street

While taking a walk around the neighborhood this evening, the DWP was out & about getting started on the nightly work.

the sidewalk outside Pitfire is closed to Pedestrians and the bright lights are up as they work on the new LAPD HQ (hey LA's finest needs indoor plumbing too!).

Night in the City.. City Hall and the new LAPD HQ as backdrop to construction.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Asleep on Main Street

The traffic slows down but for the buses and the constant voice traffic that flows upwards from the cafes below. Late into the night and early morning hours, the occasional car alarm will sound or a police siren. I am usually wide awake til early in the morning, not able to get any rest. I can see lights in the distance of others awake too. Perhaps working or just not sleeping like myself.

Last night I took something to help me sleep. I took it about eleven p.m. or so and finally I started to get tired. I slept deeply, dreamlessly til the cat woke me up at 930 or so.. then took another nap.

This entire week has been for the most part like this for me. Difficulty sleeping with a hint of unease. I keep hoping I'll approach the new day differently but it just seems to hang over like a fog. Things should be changing, exciting new things. I just don't seem to be very inspired by it all. I'm off my rhythm, with an uncertainty of how I lost it or how to get it back.

Maybe some caffeine and a test of the air outside will make a difference. Hot brownie and coffee yesterday worked for a while, but maybe a brisk walk would work too. Then again, it could just be a slow week.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life imitates Art.. CSI style

One of my favorite shows on the magic picture box is CSI (Las Vegas) and after having just seen this latest season finale, one wonders if there's a chance it'll be a cliff-hanger.

Is it possible that Gary Dourdan, the actor who plays a lead CSI on the show will make it back after his Avoiding jail time as he undergoes 30hrs of Diversion Therapy? The gentleman was arrested for possession, so perhaps 30 hours is more than enough therapy.

They off'ed the guy's character possibly because of his drug bust but who knows? This isn't the first time an actor on a popular program like CSI has had a real-life run-in with drugs or alcohol related trouble.

Previously the people who handle things like this let it get worked out then decide I have read. I don't know anything about the people involved, but it could also be a case of burnout and stress. The show just finished up its eighth season and could possibly keep going like Law & Order, but hopefully not run into the ground with bad stories and acting.

On a more upbeat note, I loved this same last episode of CSI where they found a DB (that's CSI speak for 'dead body') in the Arts District not too far from the Toy Lofts. I love identifying stuff like that. They film in LA all the time,(that's not uncommon) but that one, I didn't expect.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sweeping up the Crumbs..

Well if there's anything to do after experiencing a marketing panel it's getting energized to try new things. While I can't say anything new is happening here, I am trying out some new colors and maybe a new border. Meeko's Crumbs sounds messy and wishy-washy. Granted not a lot of folks really know me too well here, and honestly who cares? I'm not a mystery woman.. I'm rather mundane but I would like to do more with the blog than I'm doing and perhaps a bit of the same.. but having all these crumbs laying about just won't do!

Ideally I want to run a cleaner, tidier place. I'm trying the new blog title on for size and see how it looks. NO worries. Later on there is a chance you might see some more serious pieces of writing as I try to settle into my new digs. Until then.. Constructive input is always welcome.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Today there's bound to be some fanfare for those who led before. I'll let the others do it as they are more experienced with the fanfare.
Around the Neighborhood:
Last night coming back from Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull, I saw a cat hiding under a car on the ground level of the parking garage. Wasn't sure if it was feral or a lost housecat but it was hiding under the back corner as we drove up to the next parking level.

Tuesday morning and onward:

As for the garage, Tuesday morning brings power-washing and re-striping to the GilVille parking garage. Not sure how that affects folks coming back after a long weekend. Something to keep in mind if you have one of those automobile things. Handy having a bike sometimes. ;P

Tuesday night at the Library:

Tuesday is also an opportunity to get some great marketing advice from the 3BN's own Eric Richardson (BlogDowntown) & Ed Fuentes (ViewFromaLoft & BlogDowntown, as well LAEastside) as well Angelenic's Rich Alossi, among others as they take part in the VEDC's "Using the Internet to Promote Your Business"

I plan to be there. What about you? Be sure and click on the link to learn more about it and/ or register! It's taking place Tuesday night the 27th of May at the Central Public Library.
Well, as for me personally I'm about 2 weeks out from moving around the corner with the cats.

I've gotten a few suggestions of what I should do with this blog. I intend to keep writing and all but thinking I'm going with a more "main street" friendly title. The url will be the same but I'll be looking into changing the template around some.. not messing with it overly much.

Ehh.. Honestly what I call the blog is the least of my concerns at the moment. Hopefully you & yours are doing alright and not choking on any deviled eggs. Deviled eggs or chicken porn. =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I don't mind the edible SPAM (although it's a bit salty) but the junk mail kind is just EVIL!

To everyone who received one of those annoying "" requests, I humbly beg your forgiveness! I got a request late last night from someone (Don Garza!!) and rather than sleeping on it, actually responded to it while I was thinking about it.

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking enough.. had I been thinking, I would not have used my email as a search tool, which is, I gather what I inadvertently did. Thus sending unwarranted, unwanted, and just plain annoying spam to a couple hundred people at the least from my yahoo.

Not to mention since joining, I'm not a fan of the interface. I'm rather embarrassed. I wish it was over.

Again, spam mail is evil. I apologize!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Downtown neighbors.. Memorial Day closures

While out trying to find my copy of Downtown Poet Laureate nominee Richard McDowell's book 30 Days on Spring at Metropolis (I was late! They were closed!) I noted they have a sign saying they are closed for the weekend from the 24th and will resume their hours on Tuesday..

Also while using the crosswalk at 4th and Main noted that Orlando's will be closed Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day as well.

Good News though is that the Market downstairs (Ray's place.. I don't know the correct name) is going to be open through the weekend so if you have a crazy ice cream fix or something, someone should be there. He was saying the only day they close is like a 'half day' on Christmas!

So just remember before you head out to maybe call ahead to see if what you are looking for is open.. Hoagies & Wings is also going to be closed Monday for Memorial Day.. (I know cause I had dinner there earlier).

Yeah I know, 2 Fridays in a row at Hoagies & Wings.. those cheeseburgers are good! I am going to need some intervention if I keep this up... ;)


ps: wanted to make sure to congratulate Richard too! =)

Dave Bullock: Wired enigma?

If you were wondering what BlogDowntown's 3rd contributer has been up to around the neighborhood, you need go no further than say Mars, or Pasadena's JPL facility. Yep, the 3BN's Dave Bullock just published another article w/photos over at Wired.. pretty cool.

Inside NASA's MARS Mission

Inside NASA's Mars Mission
By Dave Bullock
05.23.08 | 12:00 AM

MOJAVE DESERT/PASADENA, California -- This Sunday, NASA's Phoenix lander will touch down on the surface of Mars. If everything proceeds according to plan, it will then start sending images and data back to Earth via one of two Mars orbiters and NASA's Deep Space Network...

Would love to see some of his techno writing over at BlogDowntown though.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From Hope to Main

nothing new! Yes there is.. just not too exciting for me (and some just downright depressing).
San Fernando Bldg during the 'short' but very uncomfortable for those living there power outage last weekend (Helman & the Continental weren't affected).

-several days of crappy heat
-a panic worrying about my next move,(not that far.. around the corner)
-several nights of insomnia
-cats getting hairballs on the TJ's catfood
-celebrated my 7th anniversary a night early by going to see "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" at (you guessed it)the El Cap over at Hollywood & Highland. hmmm maybe I could do a review but then, what's the surprise in that?
-several walks to clear my head and not succeeding..
-wondering what's next?

Also around the neighborhood:
-filming at old bank dvd is still going on all day today;(rent a movie tomorrow?)

Cool stuff coming up in the next few days but wow! all at the same time after days of nothin' much:

-Streetcar coming to Broadway? Want to know more you can register at the door early a.m Thursday morning the 22nd. It's an all-day thing so hope your schedule is free! $25 for residents (otherwise it's $50).

-Art Festival at ArtShare in the Arts District, sponsored by LARABA and curated by Lilli Muller. Cool stuff and I hear Ed Fuentes is going to have a piece in it. ;) Not to mention about 30 other cool people... Susan Bolles, Emmerich, and Robert Vargas among the noted. That event is from 7pm to Midnight, so no excuse not to go and check it out and maybe contribute a little or a lot. Just saying. =)

-Also tomorrow night is the Zocolo event at the LATC.. for the taco truck! That is at 7pm and you need to be pre-registered for that. It's free and who doesn't love the ubiquitous taco trucks?


See? I really didn't have anything to post.. how about some pix? =)

arching cranes at night
A present for the Higgins at 2nd & Main in the late evening.. a giant crane to wake you with more construction.

Bike or Bus.. (or walk!)
bike or bus downtown
Near City Hall, while running errands yesterday morning.

this installment dedicated to White Boy/ White Dog and his noisy crane.

Monday, May 19, 2008

another sunday another meander..

of two?

yep. I missed the meander of 8 last week.. Insomnia will do that to a person. Above is Meandering leader Warren. =)

Yesterday was sunny and bright and there were folks out and about.. a lot of LAFD folks doing their job, or doing some readiness training..

We went as far out as the Cornfield park rode around the track there where several joggers were getting their exercise in, as well.

small part of a bigger piece.. "DOGTOWN Mural"

outside a nearby market

and of course.. more LAFD action in the Arts District.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Alexander & the Litter Robot

Basically the conversation went something like this:

Joe: so what did you think of my Dog Poop post?

Meeko: I ought to make a video of the cats taking a dump in the Litter Robot in response to that.

Joe: You should!

Here you go Joe.. (a serious how-to, meant in jest to Big City Poz & his How To Pick Up Dog Pooh post. Enjoy!

LITTER ROBOT DEMO: Starring Alexander Rouse..

No cats were actually harmed in the making of this video, and hey.. I had to change the bag in there anyway! =)

something to be happy about

good stuff: LA BIKE MEANDER! (and the power is back on at the San Fernando).

ps: I got a fun video coming up I promised Mr Cornish. ;P Soon!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ed Fuentes: graphic designer, muralist, photographer, and mega blogger

"view from a loft" is his blog (and is on typepad).

view from a Rowan studio
Digital Mural "Main Street Recovery" ©Ed Fuentes
photo ©ps rouse

Richard McDowell: poet, artist.. gallery owner?

The things you find on Blogdowntown when you can't sleep.. one of the "this day in archived history" kind of posts.. an article from 2005 about the street signage that Richard had put up around the Historic Core.


A friend of mine purchased one of his one way "drugs" signs and I got to see it up close. Those things definitely seem better made than some of the real street signs around town. =)

I would have liked to have seen that old gallery show review though. The things you learn on the internets. =)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Weird little item..

While scrolling through Friday's City Council agenda (what? You all don't do this too?) for important stuff up for consideration, I came across this little gem that made me smile just the slightest bit.

File it under.. "political humor" (which I don't have a lot of experience with):

ITEM 08-1192: CD9 G MOTION(Perry/Hahn) Relative to declaring the Celebration of Freedom on July 4, 2008 a special event, (fees and costs absorbed by the City= $1,226).

Granted it's just one of many serious things the City must do to make it all official and whatnot. I dunno.. fill in your own punchline. Mine was "wow! I thought the celebration of freedom already is a special event! (for those that have it)"

Yeah, I know, needs work.. NEXT!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Helpful Reminder to my Downtown Neighbors:


"Los Angeles, California – The Los Angeles Police Department will be aggressively enforcing the state’s occupant protection laws as part of California’s 2008 Click It or Ticket mobilization, taking place May 12-June 1, 2008. The campaign relies on heavy enforcement and public education as a means to help California achieve the highest seat belt use rate in the nation. California currently has the nation’s fourth highest seat belt use rate at 94.6 percent.

California has a primary seat belt law which requires that every passenger in the car, including the driver, is required to wear a seat belt at all times. If stopped and found to be in violation, law enforcement will issue citations without warning. Tickets for first seat belt violations range from $80 to $91 for adults and $330 to $401 for children under age 16, depending on the county."

One of the first things I learned in Driver's Education several decades ago (yikes! am I that old I can say that?) was before you do anything, when you get in a car, before the mirror adjustment, before the key goes in the ignition, before ANYTHING, you put on your flippin' seatbelt.

That's what the LAPD's "click it or ticket" program is all about. I linked to the article above so you would know I'm not just blowing hot air at you. EVERY SINGLE OCCUPANT in your vehicle needs to be wearing a seatbelt.

I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but I know some folks in my family that are 'guilty' of this "I'm not driving, why do I need to wear that?" (ahem, mom..) but despite whatever discomfort one might have sitting in the backseat of a car, not having your seatbelt on might be a LOT more uncomfortable should (knock on wood it doesn't!) anything happen.

Be safe. Just a friendly reminder, and if nothing else, remember Downtown's Finest will be looking for that out on the street. If you drive, or when you drive. =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Old Bank DVD hosts Prankster Double Feature!

@ old bank dvd
Old Bank DVD for all your great dvd film rental needs.

For my downtown friends, a reminder that OLD BANK DVD is hosting a double feature of "Abel Raises Caine" and "Is there Sex After Death?" TONIGHT (the 10th of May).

Farmers & Merchants Bank Building on Main Street at the corner of 4th.

It's a fun night at the Farmer's & Merchants Bank Building. Tickets are $3 and doors open at 730pm.. FILM STARTS AT 8PM!

Read more at BlogDowntown Arts & Culture section:
Main Street Hosts Prankster

Thursday, May 08, 2008

*drool* Hoagies & Wings *drool*

Forgive me while I clean up this mess I'm making as I'm recalling the delicious cheeseburger I just had for lunch at the NEW Downtown Hoagies and Wings location near 4th & Broadway (near Biddy Mason Plaza).


I had eaten here previously and enjoyed the Steak Hoagie, but upon reading the review on Erik's White Boy/White Dog wanted to give it a try.

I usually go to Weeneez for their cheeseburger, and I love their cheeseburger, but during the evenings of Art Walk when it's crazy/ busy, they may take the cheeseburger off the menu, so one needs a cheeseburger alternative!

I HAVE FOUND IT! Hoagies & Wings! OMG.. The seasoning.. the grilled onions! It's so good.

A really big plus besides them having great food, is the super nice folks that run the place. They're a family business and do a really great lunch crowd from the local city workers and the like, but in the evening, did you know they are still there serving up really great wings, steak hoagies & the burgers?

While I can't vouch for the 'greasiness' factor that "white boy/ white dog" mentions, I will say that if you are offered one of those 'wet nap' things, don't say no. ;)

My cheeseburger was juicy and seasoned and if I gave out an award for being "stuffed" they would have it. Unfortunately, they'll just have to live with knowing they have a really great burger! Now excuse me, while I finish off my diet soda and head off to art walk..

Hoagies & Wings
332 S. Broadway.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: (213) 613-1212
Fax: (213) 613-1201

ps: call ahead or get delivery on order of $10 and up..

ART WALK tonight! =)

Just a kind reminder that today is ART WALK DAY! =) From about 12-9pm you can see and experience an amazing variety of art, music and performance at various Downtown venues. Don't wait 'til 6pm.. Get out and enjoy this lovely weather we're having downtown.

Things ramp up tonight with many of the artists receptions starting at 6pm and Comedy Walk at 8pm. But wait! There's more.. Just remember to be kind to the gallery owners and curators. Leave the alcohol and your wine glasses on the INSIDE, please! =)

We want to keep having safe & eventful art walks, without the glass hitting the pavement. =) yay! Art Walk!

ps: don't forget all the yummy food establishments that stay open later during art walk! I can personally vouch for the yummy Shish Kabob place up Main Street.. one of my faves, not to mention Marisco's on Spring and Pitfire Pizza on Main & 2nd.. omg good stuff. I'm hungry now, so no more updates from me til later!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hair Today.. er.. Yesterday!


The other day I mentioned having seen a really bad photo of the back of my head done by Don Garza, I was freaked & desperate to fix it soon! Having thus been mortified into getting my hair a much needed cut, I made into Orlando's Hair & Nails yesterday late afternoon.

I wanted my haircut of all those dead ends and funky fried things that happen when I've been coloring it and the fade and frizzies from the sun and carrying my backpack (which often catches my hair and pulls it by the fine breakable ends).

So maybe an hour later and some serious contemplation, I ended up losing about 4inches off the back of my head!

Was hoping my GilVille Neighbor would give me a 2nd opinion on this but heck.. it's a new me..

Thanks to Don in a backhanded way for pushing me into doing something about my split ends and funky fried hair.. and especially to Erik at Orlando's who convinced me to lose it all. ;)

Orlando's Hair & Nails
403 S Main St,
Los Angeles, CA(
213) 626-4247

Sunday, May 04, 2008

How Many Bikes make a "meander?"

Today I managed to make the LA Bike Meander over at the Toy Lofts.. and very surprised that there was a meander.. of only 2! (Warren & myself).

colorful trailer Warren pointed out to me as we meandered

0504 rope trick
a gentleman out in front of his home practices his lasso technique.

However,it was of course still good and we rode around the Arts District and part of what might be considered the former industrial district and some of Boyle Heights,turning back to Broadway and to the Central Market where we were kindly treated to coffee and then I headed back to Main for a much needed nap.

Yeah.. two weeks off from the meander and I'm freaking out of shape. Better luck with my stamina next Sunday. I had fun though and appreciate the time spent! Thanks to Warren for being such a nice person and going on the meander with me, despite it being just two. =)

Friday, May 02, 2008

May Day 2008 cont.

waiting here..
This was as we were headed up into Little Tokyo following along with the American Apparel contingent. It's not everyday you see a lot of bike cops out together so I snapped it quick before the light and my zoom was pointless. ;)

MAY DAY 2008

Spent today somewhere on Broadway as well up by City Hall.. I have a small amount of photos of the hundred or so I took today.. and will be adding the ones from the concert at City Hall later.. There are so many images going out there of today's rally/protest, and I can't say that mine really add to that.. but it was cool.



It was my first time going to this event. I wanted to go last year but as with a lot of stuff 'blogging' related, I didn't want to go by myself, which is what I was facing at the time. After the thing at MacArthur Park last year, I was like "omg.. good thing I didn't go.." but this year was cool. This year was calm. Honestly, if the worst of it for me were those really bad pix of the back of my head Don Garza shot, it's not too bad at all. ;P ehh..