Friday, May 17, 2019

2019 Reading Challenge Pt. 2

So far so good.. I was getting nervous for a while as I was several books behind, but then the semester ended, papers came due. Between text assignments and side readings I did in conjunction with my research papers, I was able to stay on track.

We'll see what the Summer Reading accomplishes!

18 of 50:

Graduation 2019

Wow! Been a little busy.. Finally done with my last semester up on the Hayward hill and all I need to do is survive the trial by rain tomorrow.

Got my Mortar Board decorated as best as I can considering I'm not a crafty person... I still need to find a shower cap for it, (they plan to have us walk in the rain).

So, what next?? I've been accepted into the 2 programs I applied for: the History MA program at CSUEB and the MLIS program (iSchool) at SJSU. It's important to me to know I have bigger, solid goals in my near future. Things to look forward to.. to push me forward. 

"never tire to study... and to teach others.."  ...Confucius

Summer plans include:
1. sleeping
2. getting some much needed exercise/walking in
(too much stress eating this last semester!)
3. making as much of a dent in my TBR piles
4. cleaning the house.. basically used home as a crash pad this past semester.
5. organizing my bookshelves & updating my "Delicious Library" inventory
6. Volunteering at the library or Historical Society
(if they'll have me after 2yrs off)

Not sure how much of this I'll do.. but it's good to have goals!