Monday, May 12, 2008

A Helpful Reminder to my Downtown Neighbors:


"Los Angeles, California – The Los Angeles Police Department will be aggressively enforcing the state’s occupant protection laws as part of California’s 2008 Click It or Ticket mobilization, taking place May 12-June 1, 2008. The campaign relies on heavy enforcement and public education as a means to help California achieve the highest seat belt use rate in the nation. California currently has the nation’s fourth highest seat belt use rate at 94.6 percent.

California has a primary seat belt law which requires that every passenger in the car, including the driver, is required to wear a seat belt at all times. If stopped and found to be in violation, law enforcement will issue citations without warning. Tickets for first seat belt violations range from $80 to $91 for adults and $330 to $401 for children under age 16, depending on the county."

One of the first things I learned in Driver's Education several decades ago (yikes! am I that old I can say that?) was before you do anything, when you get in a car, before the mirror adjustment, before the key goes in the ignition, before ANYTHING, you put on your flippin' seatbelt.

That's what the LAPD's "click it or ticket" program is all about. I linked to the article above so you would know I'm not just blowing hot air at you. EVERY SINGLE OCCUPANT in your vehicle needs to be wearing a seatbelt.

I don't want to get anyone in trouble, but I know some folks in my family that are 'guilty' of this "I'm not driving, why do I need to wear that?" (ahem, mom..) but despite whatever discomfort one might have sitting in the backseat of a car, not having your seatbelt on might be a LOT more uncomfortable should (knock on wood it doesn't!) anything happen.

Be safe. Just a friendly reminder, and if nothing else, remember Downtown's Finest will be looking for that out on the street. If you drive, or when you drive. =)


skidrowdude said...

Meeko- graat post! I will not ride in a car w/o seatbelt unless it's a limo :-). Unfortuately, I have been in many accidets and I am lucky to not put my head through the windshield because I always put the seat belt on.

I really don't know why people do not "buckle up".

Also, getting a ticket for no seat belt is pretty stupid considering the fine.

meekorouse said...

Good morning!

ack! Accidents aren't good.. I know some of the excuses I have heard are "It's uncomfortable" or "I'm not driving, do I really need to?" and then the other one was.. "We're just going from (current mall location) to there.. (another mall location 1/2 mile away)."

Parking lots make me nervous.. those are the worst for accidents.. I don't know if you have ever been in the GilVille parking garage? That places is NUTS going up and down those one-way ramps. I'm glad I don't have a car. ;)

skidrowdude said...

Hey Meeko- I never was in a crash in a parking lot/garage- it probably would not matter if you got in a crash there, except for insurance purposes.

I've rolled a Camero mutiple times, totalled my Ferrari when a dumb driver turned left in front of me while I was doing 55 mph, launhed my Corvette 3 feet in the air off some bag of crap that fell off a CalTrans truck,

That's just the beginning of my car accident stories- but never once did I get injured more than a little sore from shoulder belt keeping me in car. I will never ride in a car w/o a belt on (and airbags kind of scare me more- they probably hurt more than they protect).

Be happy if all you have to worry about is idiots in parking garage- those are the accidents that are easy to fix.