Friday, May 07, 2010

2010 LA Times Festival of Books


A couple weeks back we headed over to UCLA for the LA Times Festival of Books.. We were able to get in at a few of the great panels we were really wanting to hit..

Carol Burnett discussed her book This Time Together

David Shannon
2010 Featured LATfob artist David Shannon was signing his books.

Sebastian Junger
Sebastian Junger talked about his experience with the 173rd Airborne brigade in Afghanistan's Korengal Valley, featured in his new book, War

Our DTLA buddy Eric Lynxwiler was signing copies of his book Knott's Preserved

Charles Phoenix was on hand for signings too!
Charles Phoenix
Here he is with Sean after just signing my book Southern Californialand.

Father Gregory Boyle
Father Gregory Boyle, famously of his work with HomeBoy Industries, discussing stories from his book, Tattoos on the Heart (which I'll write more about in a future post).

The last panel on Sunday that we attended, was the Publishing in the "new media" panel.
Pablo Defendini, Dana Goodyear, & Wil Wheaton
This was the the Wil Wheaton panel I kept tweeting about. =) Pablo Defindini was a great addition, talking about his publishing with TOR and I still didn't figure out what Dana Goodyear was talking about.. but that's more my fault than hers I'm sure! (something about text stories that are popular in Japan).

I thought Wil Wheaton did great (I saw him as part of another panel on Social Media a previous year). He best epitomizes the role of social media and the new media publishing.. Self-publishing his stories and blog postings.

Overall it was a great Book Fest! I just wish Ray Bradbury was there.. I don't blame him though. When will the LA Times bring back the book review section?? Book Reviews are still an important part of the discussion. (otherwise why have a festival?)

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