Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Today there's bound to be some fanfare for those who led before. I'll let the others do it as they are more experienced with the fanfare.
Around the Neighborhood:
Last night coming back from Indiana Jones & the Crystal Skull, I saw a cat hiding under a car on the ground level of the parking garage. Wasn't sure if it was feral or a lost housecat but it was hiding under the back corner as we drove up to the next parking level.

Tuesday morning and onward:

As for the garage, Tuesday morning brings power-washing and re-striping to the GilVille parking garage. Not sure how that affects folks coming back after a long weekend. Something to keep in mind if you have one of those automobile things. Handy having a bike sometimes. ;P

Tuesday night at the Library:

Tuesday is also an opportunity to get some great marketing advice from the 3BN's own Eric Richardson (BlogDowntown) & Ed Fuentes (ViewFromaLoft & BlogDowntown, as well LAEastside) as well Angelenic's Rich Alossi, among others as they take part in the VEDC's "Using the Internet to Promote Your Business"

I plan to be there. What about you? Be sure and click on the link to learn more about it and/ or register! It's taking place Tuesday night the 27th of May at the Central Public Library.
Well, as for me personally I'm about 2 weeks out from moving around the corner with the cats.

I've gotten a few suggestions of what I should do with this blog. I intend to keep writing and all but thinking I'm going with a more "main street" friendly title. The url will be the same but I'll be looking into changing the template around some.. not messing with it overly much.

Ehh.. Honestly what I call the blog is the least of my concerns at the moment. Hopefully you & yours are doing alright and not choking on any deviled eggs. Deviled eggs or chicken porn. =)

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