Saturday, May 31, 2008

Awake on Main Street

While taking a walk around the neighborhood this evening, the DWP was out & about getting started on the nightly work.

the sidewalk outside Pitfire is closed to Pedestrians and the bright lights are up as they work on the new LAPD HQ (hey LA's finest needs indoor plumbing too!).

Night in the City.. City Hall and the new LAPD HQ as backdrop to construction.


skidrowdude said...

Awesome pics, Meeko! The 2nd one is a work of art... if only it was not in front of my loft!

BTW- what camera do you use? Both you and Joe get such crisp, color-balanced photos.

meekorouse said...

LOL I'm sorry (ie: I feel badly for you) about all that construction. Hopefully it all works out for the LAPD being so Centralized like that.

As for the camera it's a Canon Powershot A570is (the "is" is for image stabilizer, although I seem to manage to muck it up despite that).

Not sure what camera Joe uses. His is pretty sleek though. Little pocket digital with nice black case. Yeah that helps a lot, I know (giggle).

skidrowdude said...

Now I know your little photography secret- you help the "maestro" Ed Fuentes on his photo shoots. Some of his eye-for-composition must be rubbing off on you, because your pics always have a special "pop" to them, even if it's just a pic of a construction site.

Unfair advantage :-)

meekorouse said...

Oh my goodness no! The only thing I do is carry the equipment.. now if I happen to pick up a tip here or there..

Big City Poz said...

Mine is a Fujifilm E900. It was top rated in Consumer Reports and I did a web search and found it for about $200 at Abe's Camera in NYC.

My secret is running my photos through Photoshop. I do a variety of things to the shots, depending on my whim or needs. About three-fourths of the time going to Enhance and using auto levels, auto contrast and auto color correction make a dramatic difference.

I almost always jack around the colors and contrast for more punch.

You're two shots here are great, Pamela!

Big City Poz said...

Wait......I'm a former English teacher.

I mean, YOUR two shots here are great, Pamela!

Big City Poz said...

By the way, Eric, Pamela took that photo of me in blue. Luckily I had shined my head just prior to her photo shoot!

meekorouse said...

LOL.. I too use Photoshop.. Photoshop Elements that is. I have a LONG LONG way to go before I'm even in the same neighborhood of composition and photo quality as Ed.

As for Joe, I love his fun and funky compositions and storytelling. You don't need a high end camera just a good eye... which Joe has. =)

Joe: thank you, btw!

skidrowdude said...

Thanks for the tips Joe and Meeko- I use PaintShop Pro (Photoshop clone) mostly for resizing but I have to start playing around w/ the other options I guess.

Main problem is my auto-focus doesn't always focus right (I know to hold down shutter for a couple secs)- I guess many of my photos are through a window and it gets confused...

So Joe, what kind of polish do you use on the "chrome dome"? :-)

meekorouse said...

I think he said "baby oil" (except it burns..)