Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's still the 3BN.. right?

This time is full of so much.. I know I was going to have some photos but I'm choosing instead to use ones I have already..
Lost Souls
I still find it amazing my shaking hands took this photo.

Lost Souls.. I keep thinking I've lost my compass.. I'm making decisions I'm not used to dealing with.

Today I looked at a place in the Continental (still GilVille) and a couple hours later, having to still clean up & turn in the keys in South Park.. (a couple conference calls and a trip to the bank), not to mention we're still not 'moved in' or 'settled' into the one here on Main, I find myself in another flux.

I have a place. It's co-signed.. However, it will be mine. More changes to come in June. All this to enjoy the silence and the process of the thought. Quiet Writing and creation. Hopefully, a blooming of work as well.


Times like this I miss my compass. I'll be taking possession about a year & three weeks to the day. I'll have his namesake (Alexander), and Kiki to keep me company though.

EDIT: UPDATE: KEYS ARE TURNED IN.. No More "South Park" for this girl who walks/meanders downtown =)
this installment is again dedicated to BigCityPoz & perhaps to my Honorary Uncle LA & Tante Janine, who I still miss very much.


Big City Poz said...

I don't think you've lost your compass. I think you've finally found it and are now starting to use it.

I know things are chaotic right now, but try to stop once in a while and take note of things. This is a good time to make a separate peace with things that will soon be a part of your past. Use that time wisely.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog about twice a week...but I'm confused by this post...are you moving and getting a divorce?
I wish you the best.

meekorouse said...

Yes 'anonymous' it looks like I'm headed that way. I try not to get overly personal here but I guess when you're moving 2x in as many months, that sort of thing is bound to be asked.. Some people definitely make better friends than spouses. I guess I'm one of them. ;P

Thanks for the well wishes though. =)