Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Babycakes NYC has been open on 6th near Los Angeles for a while now, and since I have a friend that was interested in gluten-free options, I meant to get there eventually. I had heard not-so good things about them, so it wasn't on the top of my list. Then I happened to be in the area.. so what better time?

they have quite a selection of vegan and spelt cupcakes..
I wasn't sure what to choose, so I got a carrot cupcake since the carrotcake is my favorite at "Big Man Bakes" ('compare what you know' is my default).

I also got an agave brownie, and a slice of banana bread.. the total came to about $10 for the 3 items.

carrot cupcake
carrot cupcake..
halved cupcake
you can see the bits of carrot..

The frosting was sweet.. and the carrot cupcake was rather dry and bland. The frosting didn't make up for it, but at least helped it go down.

Agave brownie
agave brownie
at 1.50 you won't feel too guilty wasting your money on one of these.. but your taste-buds might complain. Of the three items, this was the most "diet" tasting. It was small and gritty and just not tasty. I love chocolate and brownies are one of my favorite treats. From experience, I know brownies can vary from being just good to moist & tasty to sweet & decadent. IMHO, this was just nasty. I'll stick with my boxed brownie mix, thank you!

Banana Bread!
banana bread
banana bread
you can see a piece of actual banana in the bread..

This last one was my favorite of the three. It was moist and tasty. It actually tasted like banana.. I didn't like that the chunks were big enough to see (that kinda grossed me out, actually) but however they make it, it's the one I would order again if I was in the neighborhood.

Babycakes NYC
130 E 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 623-5555

Cupcake Update: Since I last did a cupcake post, Lot44 Coffee has closed up and is no longer a cupcake option. Pitfire Pizza hasn't had it's Aunty Em's cupcakes in ages, and so the local options are limited to Big Man Bakes and BabyCakes NYC.

Babycakes NYC is the only vegan/gluten-free/spelt option downtown, but if you, like me, are not limited by what you can ingest, Big Man Bakes is the better (if more limited) option. The carrotcake cupcakes and pumpkin spice @ Big Man Bakes are still my favorite.. I'm still hunting for a truly moist & delicious red velvet (since I can't get Aunty Em's downtown). Suggestions?

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