Friday, May 23, 2008

Downtown neighbors.. Memorial Day closures

While out trying to find my copy of Downtown Poet Laureate nominee Richard McDowell's book 30 Days on Spring at Metropolis (I was late! They were closed!) I noted they have a sign saying they are closed for the weekend from the 24th and will resume their hours on Tuesday..

Also while using the crosswalk at 4th and Main noted that Orlando's will be closed Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day as well.

Good News though is that the Market downstairs (Ray's place.. I don't know the correct name) is going to be open through the weekend so if you have a crazy ice cream fix or something, someone should be there. He was saying the only day they close is like a 'half day' on Christmas!

So just remember before you head out to maybe call ahead to see if what you are looking for is open.. Hoagies & Wings is also going to be closed Monday for Memorial Day.. (I know cause I had dinner there earlier).

Yeah I know, 2 Fridays in a row at Hoagies & Wings.. those cheeseburgers are good! I am going to need some intervention if I keep this up... ;)


ps: wanted to make sure to congratulate Richard too! =)


skidrowdude said...

Hoagies & Wings- my kryptonite! I'm trying to stay away but their ultimate steak haagie (double meat) can't be TOO unhealthy, can it? :-)

I'm lucky I don't have a market downstairs or that ice cream fix would be pretty often.

Thanks for the reminder- Monday will be very quiet I'm sure...

meekorouse said...

Yes the cheeseburger I had there tonight was really good.. I'm sure I ate faster than I should. I was sitting in on a meeting and stuffing my face at the same time, which I'm sure wasn't the best thing to do. ;)

Later on though I wanted ice cream and I finished my pint of coffee heath bar crunch.. They had vanilla heath bar crunch which isn't the same but I broke down and got it anyway. No chocolate in the house! what to do!?

I think living on my own in the Continental will be slightly harder despite not having the ice cream temptation directly below me. I need to be more wary about my expenditures on stuff that is probably clogging my arteries with bad stuff.

It's only been once a week for the hamburgers, but still.. need to cut back. More salads!

skidrowdude said...

When do you move to the Continental? I have to move at end of July and am looking forward to trying a new loft, if I get a contract that allows me to stay downtown (i.e.- not in Irvine or somesuch). I'm still enjoying downtown!

Oh, did you say Coffee Heath Bar Crunch? One of my favs, along with Choc Chip Cookie Dough- I'm sitting here fantasizing... but I will have a cheese danish this a.m. after workout, so that's my sins for the day.

meekorouse said...

Hey Eric,

wow a morning person.. me, I'm awake because of the cats.. Alexander woke me up every 1 1/2 hrs. or so it seemed. I might have to take a nap this morning.

Anyway, move ironically is 2 Saturdays from now. It'll be a very quiet place to write I think & yet the cats will still have a view. It seems like such a big step to me though. I'm a little freaked about it now & again. ;P It's also extra pressure on me as there is no excuse for me to not write. I just wish the cats wouldn't keep waking me up all night.

I don't know what sort of work you do but so far am liking Old Bank pretty much. I think the rent (compared to South Park anyway) is pretty reasonable depending on what space it is. I really liked Big City Poz's Building and the Hellman is pretty good too.

When I was looking around square footage was important and not getting charged so much for pet deposit. Having cats, I don't think having a pet deposit is really fair. The other thing is that I felt like I was getting a hard sell from some of the other apartment people around town.. kind of pushy & rude. I understand the market is tight but it made me less likely to want to put any money down to hold anything. Erik at Old Bank was cool. I wasn't quick enough on a couple apartments but when I saw the one I wanted I knew it and got the deposit down same day. He didn't you know, try to twist my arm figuratively into doing something I wasn't sure about. That stuff goes quick though.

Geez I'm rambling. Hope you had your coffee when you sat down to read this. ;)

skidrow said...

Thanks for info Meeko- I don't want to think too much yet as it's up in air, if I don't know where I'm working by June 20th I'll just stay in Old Bank. South Park doesn't interest me too much- nice restaurants but too tempting... Plus I like the funky older buildings. First things first for me- get a contract (software development).

meekorouse said...

well good luck! =) I definitely agree that I like living in Old Bank/ Historic Core better than South Park. Nevermind the food.