Saturday, May 14, 2016

Walk around Mission

One of the things I like about heading to the city to return/check-out new books, (besides the books part!) is walking around and seeing something new..

Friday I needed to make a side errand to Costco before the library opened.. so I got to see this:
untitled mural by Meagan Spendlove just off 10th Street and Sheridan.

Saint Joseph's Church
St Joseph's Church on 10th Street..

faded building with nice lines next to Harrison Drywall on 10th St.

SF Coffee Company
SF Coffee Company at 13th & Isis..

"people creating a world through their art"
A 2006 community mural project.. "Precita Eyes Muralists" (youth mural project)


"people creating a world through their art"
a really large mural, there are more panels in my flickr set.. the mural runs the length of 13th Street from Bernice to Isis Streets.

I had hoped to meet up with an internet friend to walk with her, but the weather forecast sounded questionable.. So I extended my walk from the Civic Center BART to 10th Street.. to Costco, then South to 13th (where I ran into a freeway) and walked along 13th and back up Mission to 8th, then turned back to Market St and across to the Main Branch Library. Not a lot of walking*, but a nice addition to the 1mile (1/2 mile each way) walk to and from Ashby BART.

*I actually created my route on 'map my walk' and it measures it at about 2.4 miles when I include the walk from the library back to the BART station, so with the 1mi to & from my local BART station, that's not bad for a short trip to the city.