Sunday, May 04, 2008

How Many Bikes make a "meander?"

Today I managed to make the LA Bike Meander over at the Toy Lofts.. and very surprised that there was a meander.. of only 2! (Warren & myself).

colorful trailer Warren pointed out to me as we meandered

0504 rope trick
a gentleman out in front of his home practices his lasso technique.

However,it was of course still good and we rode around the Arts District and part of what might be considered the former industrial district and some of Boyle Heights,turning back to Broadway and to the Central Market where we were kindly treated to coffee and then I headed back to Main for a much needed nap.

Yeah.. two weeks off from the meander and I'm freaking out of shape. Better luck with my stamina next Sunday. I had fun though and appreciate the time spent! Thanks to Warren for being such a nice person and going on the meander with me, despite it being just two. =)

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