Friday, May 23, 2008

Dave Bullock: Wired enigma?

If you were wondering what BlogDowntown's 3rd contributer has been up to around the neighborhood, you need go no further than say Mars, or Pasadena's JPL facility. Yep, the 3BN's Dave Bullock just published another article w/photos over at Wired.. pretty cool.

Inside NASA's MARS Mission

Inside NASA's Mars Mission
By Dave Bullock
05.23.08 | 12:00 AM

MOJAVE DESERT/PASADENA, California -- This Sunday, NASA's Phoenix lander will touch down on the surface of Mars. If everything proceeds according to plan, it will then start sending images and data back to Earth via one of two Mars orbiters and NASA's Deep Space Network...

Would love to see some of his techno writing over at BlogDowntown though.


Dave Bullock /eecue said...

I did just recently post photos from the Art Walk! The technical stuff goes to Wired because when they assign me to shoot something I have to give it to them exclusively for 90 days. =]

meekorouse said...

yeah but art walk was like.. 2 weeks ago.. the bloggers are hungry! ;P

Seriously though.. the Wired thing is cool. Your photos are neat, I've seen your walk around downtown pix on flickr,(you get up way too early in the a.m. lol).