Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like..

The Mullin Building (6th & Fig)

Roosevelt Lofts


Paradise Florist @ 7th & Fig

Post-Thanksgiving update

Dinner at Home was a yummy meal of Herb seasoned turkey breast, homemade mashed sweet potatoes & stuffing w/ cranberries & veggies.

Post-Thanksgiving feast we took some time to go see the new Disney film "BOLT" staring a rambunctious hamster named "Rhino".. Seriously though, the film was about a dog that thinks he has super powers (Rhino is the uber geek fan and is hysterical running around in his little ball). of the souvenir tees for sale at the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store.

After the film at the El Cap let out, I went to my one crazy "Black Friday" sale at the Glendale Galleria Disney Store. It was fun and maybe there were some deals but getting out of there at 3am, I doubt I would do that too many times. I'm getting too old for that and it just reminded me of those holidays I worked at the World of Disney through Christmas & New Years Eve. I don't envy those folks the long hours, as I've done them! I must say they were very organized and no crazy pushing that you hear about at some of the other "Black Friday" sales.

We left with a light up Mickey holiday wreath & a couple other items.

Saturday I had an eye exam and was able to get my contact lens prescription & order in. I have new eyeglasses too that I've been wearing for the past two weeks. I don't enjoy wearing eyeglasses but having a pair with a updated prescription makes it way more tolerable! =)

Sunday (today) I put on my trial contact lenses and headed to the LA Bike Meander that meets every Sunday over at the Toy Lofts.

Monday, November 24, 2008


18.3 miles to the sea?


It was time for the Great Los Angeles Walk, (technically the 3rd annual Great LA Walk) organized by Franklin Ave's MIke & Maria. The first time it was Wilshire, which we had company so I left them beyond Good Samaritan, then last year, was Pico.. which I managed to get about 12.5 miles of the 16 before giving up and taking the bus to the sea. This year would be different. I've been walking, and despite the recent weight gain, I had started getting in better shape. I figured if nothing else, I could at least beat my old record.. and know when to quit. I would pay attention & listen. I would have fun (I had fun with Pico but towards the end I just didn't have the right mindset).

So what happened?

I got the shoes..
my new walking shoes!
I ordered these for my upcoming trip to WDW, but yeah, the Great LA Walk was perfect timing to test them out. =P

I got on the RedLine..
red line to union station

I got to Union Station & some 150 people were all there!
so many folks they don't all fit in my lens! =)

Eric Lynxweiler of MoNA & neon cruise fame (or "ShainLa's friend" as I like to say) was there to give us some tips & wish us well.

We all headed out.. walking from Union Station, through Olvera Street's El Pueblo, to Cesar Chavez,

passed Chinatown and on toward Sunset,

around Sunset Junction

onto Santa Monica Blvd.

Barney's Beanery (mi. 9)
We reached Mile 9 & Barney's Beanery around 1230pm & we all found lunch.

I ended up going along with Will Campbell & folks to Champagne Bakery for sandwiches & salads.

pumpkin cookie
not to mention the yummy pumpkin cookie!

and then met up around 2pm at mile 10, which was the "Beverly Hills" sign where we waited in the park to regroup.

and then onward to the Sea..

er, to Brittania.. =)

there were toasts all around.. (and someone ordered fish & chips).

Then it was time for me to sit, so I wished everyone well, said my thanks & goodbyes and headed to the 704..

Here I had to wait a bit more for the sitting and then finally when I got back home to Main Street.. I treated myself. 18.3 miles??

I can haz cookie now!!!
I can haz cookie now! Thanks everyone for the good time!!! It was great seeing all the friendly faces both familiar & new.. I love meeting new people & a big shout out to everyone on twitter who kept me going, especially "MelanieO" and Will Campbell who was encouraging me all the way! =)

Sometime late Saturday, my legs finally cramped up and I spent most of Sunday trying to rest and recover. Late afternoon had me hobbling around Hawthorne doing some pre-Thanksgiving shopping and treated myself to some L&L (now that's my kind of food!) I'm doing better now.. so.. We ready for the next Great LA Walk?? =) Thanks again Maria & Mike!

HERE is the rest of my flickr photos, as well:

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  • Atwater Village Newbie's set
  • Will Campbell's set
  • Scott Lowe's set
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  • Walterrrrr's massive flickr set!

    **this post dedicated to BIG CITY ("Eureka") POZ .. =) I know you would have joined me for the walk if you were still here. RIGHT?? *grin*
  • Thursday, November 20, 2008

    Ma Petite Bakery

    I went by Ma Petite Bakery the other day on my way back from picking up my new eyeglasses (LA Vision Optometry, btw). This is the second time I came by the bakery since they opened Art Walk day last Thursday. Just as that evening there were almost out of everything, they were down to a very limited amount of pastries.

    I can't say I blame them for running low. All the items I've tried from the cheese rolls to the plain croissants and now the blueberry cheese pastries are very tasty. Everything is fairly affordable too. The blueberry cheese croissants were 1.49 each. I got two and brought them home. After brewing up a fresh pot of Peet's holiday blend, we had dessert first,(life is short after all!).

    We didn't ruin our dinner, as the croissant is light and flaky. The fruit is fresh and the cream cheese filling has a mild sweet flavor. Of course the coffee and pastries went well together and it was nice having a small treat that didn't break the bank.

    Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show you. You'll just have to go check them out yourself. The Bakery, which is located on Spring Street next to Lot 44, opens at 730am til 9pm weekdays and from 730am til 11am on Saturdays & Sundays (reopens later for dinner and closes at 9pm).

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    New City Church LA to move to New LATC

    Just posted to Kevin Haah's blog CALLED the New City Church of LA will be re-locating once again, this time to the New LATC on Spring Street.

    The "come as you are" church which welcomes everyone in the community will be relocating the 7th of December. Currently the church is holding worship services at Club 740 in the Globe Theater on Sunday mornings.

    From Called:
    "From December 7, 2008, New City Church of LA will be meeting at Los Angeles Theatre Center (which is called The New LATC) for our Sunday worship gathering. It's only about 2 blocks away from Club 740 and it is a fantastic facility. It's been my dream venue. It is the only multi-plex playhouse in downtown. There are four performance theaters in there. They have a great room for kids ministry there as well. And, it is clean! The facility is operated by Latino Theater Company and owned by City of Los Angeles."

    I am wishing Kevin and his congregation the very best. They have really reached out to the community and grown to answer the needs of downtown LA. The New LATC is a fabulous place and I think will be a very warm & welcoming place for folks in the community.

    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    IMPACT No on 8 Rally

    Rally as it made the turn left and up Main Street. The entire Rally took about 1/2 hour to completely make the turn from 4th Street to Main.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    The Nickel Diner

    mild disclaimer: Just in time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, I'm well over-due for a review of The Nickel. I've been collecting images now & again of various items I've ordered at the Nickel, so forgive me for the disarray of images, that may have nothing to do with what I actually ate today (which was the smac & cheese). This is more of a not ready for prime time review.. I even forgot to take a shot of the entrance!*


    Neighborhood restaurateurs Monica May & Kristen Trattner's cozy as a broken-in shoe soft-opened to huge crowds of hungry neighbor friends & area co-workers a couple months back. I've lost count how many times I've eaten at the Nickel Diner since then. I know it hasn't been often enough to try every item on the menu just yet. Luckily, there's 5 of 7 days in a week they are open, and starting later this year they are looking to extend hours of operation. Currently their hours are 730am-330pm.

    Buttermilk pancakes (w/ bananas & berries)

    Breakfast will have you satisfied with pancakes (served til 11am), omelets, traditional egg breakfasts and some of the favorite "hangover helper" (which I have yet to try). I did, however, get there in time for some pancakes. They have buttermilk, w/ or without fruit. The blueberry pancakes are excellent, as are the buttermilk served with optional bananas & berries. I recommend the pancakes regardless of how you order them.

    Waiting those two days they are closed is almost painful. Many a soul (including mine) will have a craving for one of their special menu items, and might get as far as out the front door before remembering they are open Wednesday thru Sunday, and darn it if it's Monday or Tuesday! You'll have to wait.

    The waiting was over and grateful it was Wednesday, we headed over to the Nickel where I could sate my mad craving for the "smac & cheese" and perhaps something off the dessert menu. Oh yes, even if you are way too full after dining, you'll want dessert, if nothing more than to take a slice home.

    Nickel Diner bacon burger (optioned with onion rings.. which can't be beat).

    It's not just the smac & cheese that you'll want to tuck into. The pulled pork with coleslaw is tangy and satisfying. The Bacon Burger is juicy and quite filling or the Classic Caesar salad with piping hot grilled chicken. You might have to take some home with you if you can't eat it all.

    pulled pork sandwich @the nickel
    Pulled Pork sandwich (and option of french fries, cole slaw, or side salad.. onion rings $1.00 more). This reviewer loves coleslaw so that's why there's more than just what came on the pulled pork.

    Now for dessert.. They always have something you'll want to try. Their desserts range from tapioca, or tres leche, red velvet cake, various cupcakes, and pie. Everything is baked fresh on premises, so be sure and ask to see the dessert selections. Today they ran out of the red velvet cake, but they did have something new and surprising (for me).

    The pumpkin cheesecake, seasonal selection just in time for Thanksgiving.

    The pumpkin cheesecake was amazingly light & fluffy, melt in your mouth delicious with what looked like lightly toasted marshmallow topping. Oh yes. I'll be asking for this again before Turkey Day is out.

    Just in case you forget, you can order a fresh pie or cheesecake to take home for Thanksgiving (the Nickel will be closed Thanksgiving Day). Prices on pies to order range from $20-$24.00 and your request needs to be in no later than Sunday the 23rd of November. You'll want to make arrangements for pick-up; asking Kristen, she was saying it may very well be the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.

    The Nickel Diner
    524 S. Main Street
    Los Angeles, CA

    Open Wednesday-Sunday

    Thursday, November 06, 2008

    Happy (Recession) Holidays!

    What? you say it's too early for the holidays?? I agree, but some local retail stores are jumping on the bandwagon, while we still have a couple nickels to scrape together. Despite the good news that the election brings, the economy isn't the best and it's going to take some time to save the money we need for the perfect gift.

    Christmas @ Goodwill on Broadway
    Seen this afternoon on Broadway,the tree & many other Christmas decorations.

    Tacky as it might be to some, re-gifting in the form of Goodwill can save a lot. Perhaps you don't want to buy a gift for someone else from Goodwill. However, it looks like the Goodwill on Broadway could have you literally trimming the tree. If you don't have a tree to trim, then you might be bringing the tree home as well!

    Sunday, November 02, 2008

    Reminder "No on 8" Rally Sunday

    No on 8 Rally at Pershing Square today 1-4pm. Prop 8 is discrimination and that's just wrong.

    New No on Prop 8 Ad Calls Upon Californians to Reject Discrimination. Narrated by Samuel Jackson.