Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hair Today.. er.. Yesterday!


The other day I mentioned having seen a really bad photo of the back of my head done by Don Garza, I was freaked & desperate to fix it soon! Having thus been mortified into getting my hair a much needed cut, I made into Orlando's Hair & Nails yesterday late afternoon.

I wanted my haircut of all those dead ends and funky fried things that happen when I've been coloring it and the fade and frizzies from the sun and carrying my backpack (which often catches my hair and pulls it by the fine breakable ends).

So maybe an hour later and some serious contemplation, I ended up losing about 4inches off the back of my head!

Was hoping my GilVille Neighbor would give me a 2nd opinion on this but heck.. it's a new me..

Thanks to Don in a backhanded way for pushing me into doing something about my split ends and funky fried hair.. and especially to Erik at Orlando's who convinced me to lose it all. ;)

Orlando's Hair & Nails
403 S Main St,
Los Angeles, CA(
213) 626-4247


Big City Poz said...

You know I really wanted you to take the razor to your head, but I like what I see in the pictures. I'll give a full review after I see the new hair doo in person.

meekorouse said...

eep! I had to leave a little left! *grin*