Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lime Cafe Ribbon Cutting

is WEDNESDAY at 6pm!
118 West 5th Street
11am-Midnight M-F/
Saturdays from 6-Midnight
according to the email sent by VEDC's Audrey Madrigal, there will be an official ribbon cutting at Lime Cafe Wednesday the 30th attended by CD9's Jan Perry.

Yes, those of us following Lime will note that it's been open before and for some time now, but these official things take time I guess to get it all aligned. So if you enjoy Lime or are just plain curious and have the time to go by & support your local business owners.

I recently visited Lime Cafe last week for lunch and thought it very good. I will be eating here again in the future, as they have made some real positive improvements on the menu and the way the food is served, (that's to your table and HOT). I also like that they have added a tap to their bar with a cider option. That was good stuff. =)

*please click on my 'lime cafe' tag to read my previous review of Lime Cafe. =)

Friday, July 25, 2008

just like a little town in the big woods

It's always fun running into friends..

After Big City Poz & I had a filling lunch at Fallafel Express we were making our way back toward Main Street when we ran into our friend the LA Town Crier, fresh from another City meeting.

Don was looking model smart in his suit. We caught up and then we were all on our way. That's how it is in the Historic Core. There's always someone to say hello to and pass the time.

As for Joe..

Joe in blue
if you see him say hello and wish him well. He's Eureka-bound very soon. We'll miss him very much...

Ruby in Profile
and his little dog too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lime Cafe is OPEN!


Technically Lime Cafe has been open since the 17th, but as I've been under the weather, I've not been one of the few to get out and about and try the new expanded menu. Lime took about a month off to revamp the menu and the dining setup and I think it really works for the better. It's so good to have dining options after downtown office workers go home, we that live downtown need places to go in the evening! I'm getting ahead of myself! Let's start from the top....


First of all, yes LIME is open.. Their hours have been extended. Previous Lime-goers will recall seperate lunch and dinner hours. During the week, Lime is NOW open from about 11am til around Midnight weekdays. On SATURDAY, they are open for dinner only.

Lime is now a sit down dining experience, which lends itself to an easy-going atmosphere, and in the evening, (from what I remember from previous experience) a very nice dinner or date type location.

The dark walls, the beer on tap.. yes the beer on tap! They have 6 beers on tap (including the Weider's raspberry cider) and about 20 different bottled beer to choose from. The friendly service is still there.

For my first time back since their hiatus, I sat down on one of the comfy booths. I was offered a menu from Adam, who's new to Lime, but not to LA. He was friendly and communicative about the menu and the drinks and after taking my drink order, he returned many times engaging me and the others dining in the cafe. Good service, but not too much service.

I broke my personal drinking rule (for the betterment of the community honestly!) and ordered the raspberry cider on tap. The drink came very fresh and chilled and crisp with a clean & light fruity flavor. I didn't know what the 'brand' of cider was before I ordered it as it's not listed on the menu itself. If that's a complaint I think that's the only one I had. =)

The menu has an array of burritos and tacos and tosatadas, as well several vegetarian offerings. One of the new items on the menu is the seared steak enchilada which is their carne asada steak served enchilada style with red sauce and cheese. You get a choice of two sides with the meal: black or refried beans, Spanish rice, corn on the cob, or a side salad. I chose black beans and the side salad.

seared steak enchilada with sides (9.95)

It was served to me straight from the kitchen piping hot. Spice-wise I'm thinking it was very mild, something I would have no issue suggesting to someone who doesn't like spice. That's not to say it was without flavor. The carne asada steak is just as good as it was before, but you may opt to ask for hot sauce. Otherwise, the enchiladas were very filling with the black beans and salad.

The total came to about $16.00 for my meal and drink. They do have choices of iced tea (sweetened or not, or green tea) and soda beverages. Your milage may vary but for someone who skipped breakfast this morning I found the servings (especially the side salad) to be more than enough.

While waiting for my order, I noticed several office worker folks coming in for lunch. This is definitely relaxed sit-down style, and fits well with the surroundings of the gallery and the bar set-up. Be sure and drop in there and give the new menu a try. If you can't make it for lunch, be sure and try it for dinner.

They currently are having 2 happy hours from 4-7pm with 2 for 1 drink specials and $2 tacos (kitchen closes at 10pm) and the 2nd from 10-Midnight. Can't go wrong with that!

LIME CAFE 118 West 5th Street
11am-Midnight M-F/ Saturdays from 6-Midnight

Friday, July 18, 2008

catching up..

After spending a full day in Disneyland yesterday for their 53rd birthday celebration, I go and catch sick!
Kiki watches something up above.

So I'm a little behind on things but want to be sure and remind folks about the Pet Summit that is being held on the South Lawn of City Hall this Sunday the 20th from 10 -4pm.. It's being sponsored by CD9's own Jan Perry.. and you can find out more from Don Garza, LA's own town crier.

shoe fetish

photos above ©ps rouse (kiki my girl & alexander my boy kitty that likes to teeth on my shoes).

Saturday, July 12, 2008

what's new, neighbor?

I'm really looking forward to my buddy Big City Poz & Ruby getting back to the Old Bank District and hearing about their adventures in Eureka!

To keep busy.. I've done the following this week:

wash and fold my laundry (with not a lot of help from Alexander)

Alexander helps with the Laundry

took a walk with Isis & Eric (and the Downtown Dog Walking group)

steak salad @Pitfire Pizza
gone out to dinner a few too many times (including a couple meals at Pitfire (above), Rocket, Warung and (drool)Weeneez (I can't help that last one).

I also ended up at Art Walk, and plan to eat at Weeneez a couple more times in the near future, as they are having their first Sunday brunch on the 13th. Lime is re-opening (after a 3wk hiatus) on Disneyland's birthday (that's July 17th for the non-Disneyphiles) Lime has nothing to do with Disney, btw, it's just easy for me personally to remember that way. ;P

Speaking of Disney I have several friends from out of town making their yearly trek to Disneyland for the NFFC Convention and the Disneyland birthday. We'll have to see yet if this downtown dweller gets on the bus or not.

hello neighbor
woke up yesterday after a late night to this view out my window..

and Alexander had his own issues..
Alexander vs. the Pigeon
Alexander vs. the Pigeon

Not much else going on at the moment; however, I have a hint for future postings:

Welcome back Joe & Ruby! =) Let the planning begin yet again!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It's that time of the month again..

..for Art Walk! Here's a most excellent preview over at BlogDowntown.

Holy Cow! SeanYoda has been UPDATING HIS BLOG!

Here's a great blog I 'discovered' while reading AVN's blog (that's Atwater Village Newbie). It's Ensie, (who lives in Boyle Heights) and he's a fellow mass-transit-friendly/car-free bicycling advocate. It's no surprise Will Campbell and others have him on their blogroll too. =) Ok so he hasn't updated his personal blog in a while. *shrug*

As for me, I've been getting used to staying in the new digs, having moved the furkids in.
bookending in "club kittycat"..
They love the high ceilings.

Also on occasion,I've been known to go out and shoot a bad photo or two. Last night I walked through Little Tokyo taking some shots at some favorite views, practicing my night photography which needs some work..

Weller Court 2
This one is the best of the bunch, and it's still fuzzy. =)

Sunday, July 06, 2008

taking time off for the 4th of July

Metropolis Books Holiday Hours
Metropolis Books, among other Downtown businesses are taking some time off for Independence Day Observances (not to mention some R&R!).

Hoping your 4th of July weekend was a safe one..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Skid Row Walk Anniversary 3

So if you are keeping up at BlogDowntown tonight is the 3rd Anniversary of the Skid Row Watch Walk. If you don't usually go, tonight would be a good evening to do it, I would think.

To learn more about CCEA & the Skid Row Watch Walk and what the outreach is about:
CCE Skid Row Walk

Meet up with folks the FIRST Wednesday of every month at 6pm at the Midnight Mission: 6th & San Pedro. It's about community.