Thursday, April 30, 2015

Any Mountain

Any Mountain
Any Mountain.. with window paint..

Closed after the 24th of April (having lost their lease) they were in the middle of painting a goodbye on their big picture windows.. We often bought our shoes there.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Firkin Fest

FIrkin Fest!

Saturday April 25th at Triple Rock was the annual Firkin Fest.. Me, I like the barrel aged stuff, and it comes in small glasses which makes drinking (for me) more tolerable.. While I ended up having some Two Rivers Cider, the spousal unit opted to try his luck at the various beers..

The tables were all removed to make room for all the attendees.. You could still order food, though! Here he is sporting his ticket number..

"Your table is your head.. That way they find you." @seanyodarouse at Firkin Fest
"Your table is your head..that way they find you.."

Triple Rocks at Triple Rock
The "Triple Rocks"..balls of mac n cheese hot & tasty.. ties with their mac n cheese as my favorite thing to order there.. (2nd is the pear salad in case you were curious.)

It was $30 and you got the small glass for sampling and 7 tickets to try different beers.. you could do a half ticket for half sample if you wanted. This year the proceeds benefited the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation..

I left the spouse to finish off his tickets after I finished my pint.. I headed to a nearby cafe as I had a paper to write and I'm a light-weight when it comes to drinking. I usually quit after a pint.. as I become chatty but still coherent.. ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

DeYoung Redux


Saturday morning I was off to the city to find a couple paintings to write about for my 2nd Art History paper.. It's a long journey to the other side of this tunnel. BART from Berkeley to Powell, then take the #5 to 10th & Fulton (or 8th & Fulton)

I had some paintings to look at so I didn't take much time in the park.. but if there's time to be had it's worth it.

coming out of the 2nd tunnel into a lovely sunny, green music filled day..

I didn't actually check out the new installation.. but instead wandered a wing I hadn't visited yet and found a few things I liked. I had a quick treat and then was on my way..

but not before checking out the Keith Haring sculpture I spotted from the cafe..





I wasn't keen to have to go back out there. I really like the Oakland Museum of California better.. but I had fun this time and took my time taking in more of the pieces there. I hate the commute out there, but found I liked the museum much more the second time around.. although I'm not sure how soon I'll be back. It was a long commute! ;)