Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seen From the Loft

Big Man Bakes
Big Man Bakes gets its new signage up..

I scampered downstairs to get a better view..

the store location is just south of the Hellman building in one of the OBD garage build outs. (click image for larger view)


Big Man Bakes is open.. and had their grand opening on September 10th..

Big Man Bakes
413 S. Main Street
twitter @BigManBakes

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Autumn Lights

a couple shots from last night's Autumn Lights, curated by Lilli Muller and included some 50 area artists in various mixed mediums.. The evening's event was from 7pm-1am and used every available space in Pershing Square.

It's possible they make this a weekend long event in future years..

My point & shoot isn't reliable so I used my cel.. so not the best quality images either.. (but I do have video!) I'm sure you will see better images around the web elsewhere, but this is what I got.

This one's my favorite:
@ autumn lights Pershing Square
plastic water containers illuminated from within and hung from a tree..

Autumn lights
spotlights in the trees..

autumn lights @ pershing square
wall art..

More Autumn Lights
plastic bags become flowers (lit from within) Yes that one in the front is a Disneyland bag..

and one of the many pieces with moving lights:

projected onto the wall at the fountain.. shutting doors..

Thursday, September 03, 2009

more cupcakes.. for culture!

Latin American Heritage Month (or National Hispanic Heritage Month as it's also known) starts officially September 15th, and you can celebrate all month at Lot 44 Coffee.. with a Blue Cupcake treat.

Latin American Heritage Month was started in 1968 under President Johnson as a week-long celebration, then later expanded under President Reagan for a full month (Sept 15- Oct 15) celebrating the culture and heritage of the Latin American people.
Dulche de Leche cupcakes
So what's this got to do with cupcakes, you ask?? In honor of the month-long celebration, Lot 44 is the place to get Dulce de Leche and Mojito cupcakes..

Mojito cupcakes
You know I tried the Mojito!
Mojito cupcake
the buttercream frosting is infused with bits of mint.. very light hints will hit your mouth.. then the rum cake & lime filling will add a refreshing taste.
Mojito Cupcake filling..
Did someone say lime??

The overall flavor and texture is light and flavorful.. a perfect cupcake for a hot September day.

The dulce de leche will have to be tried next time.. (but why wait? go check them out yourself!) Seriously.. these are amazing cupcakes.. I have loved every single one I've tried so far. The red velvet, the mocha espresso, the lime (fantastic!), the black raspberry chocolate.. and now the mojito.

There are plenty of other flavors.. six 'standard' flavors, but each week there may be a couple new flavors added and rotating to the selection. These 2 new flavors are special for Latin American Heritage Month.. and they all go great with coffee or something cold.

Yeah, I like cupcakes.