Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get Ready for Autumn Lights!

Autumn Lights, an Art Walk of a different kind, will once again take over Pershing Square this weekend.

Emmeric Konrad
Emmeric in front of his work "The Horse He Rode in On"

Art Walk night, Emmeric Konrad was creating live art on canvas hung in a empty shop window of the Medallion Apartments. His painting, on a white canvas sheet started shortly after 7pm was a work in progress, as images from the 2009 "Autumn Lights" were projected onto the center of the canvas. Attendees could see him wrapping up his work titled "The Horse He Rode in On", around 1030 PM.

He was there in support of Artist/Curator Lilli Muller who was getting the word out about this year's "Autumn Lights." While the Muller produced and curated event is partially funded by the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, Muller has put most of her own money into this event, now in its 6th year. She was hoping to drum up more support of the artistic and fund-raising kind for this year's event.

Over 70 artists and counting will be creating unique installations within Pershing Square this Saturday, September 25th. Muller says "It's going to be pretty intense."

"I want this to happen for the city and I want it to grow for next year."

"The cool thing will be that there will be more performing things going on as you are walking through it, so it's more interactive."

"There's a very eclectic music schedule," Killsonic will be opening performers, "Ruby Friedman Orchestra," as well the ukulele band "The Ooks of Hazzard" among others.

Attendees last year might recall the amazing projections on the walls of Pershing Square, digital and laser lights, black-lit art installations, and many creative pieces that were made especially for Autumn Lights by local artists.

Emmeric dropped a hint about one of the pieces you may be seeing this year: "Suzi Moon is doing a thing with women's underwear. She's tearing them apart so they look like jellyfish.. and they're black-lit."

Along with Emmeric (and aforementioned Suzi Moon), other featured artists include: Jerico Woggon, Rush Varella, DJ Vader, Flip One, Rick Mendoza, Shane Guffog, Anna Broome, and several dozen more.

With three times as many artists and performers getting involved one may wonder what next year holds for "Autumn Lights," and Lilli seems to have great visions for next year, "I'd like to create a corridor and get California Plaza and MOCA involved." Noting the Fall fund raising event at MOCA, she imagines working together and possibly doing "Autumn Lights" in cooperation with the LA Film Festival. "Creating a backdrop for events."

"All these walls, it would be really cool do something like that."

Until then, you can enjoy this year's event at Pershing Square. The event runs from 7 PM til 1 AM on September 25th. To see more detail about the event, including a list of artists and performers participating go to:

Autumn Lights LA 2010

Donations I believe are still welcome and can made by contacting Lilli Muller at:

here's my mini set from Autumn Lights 2009 which includes this: