Friday, May 29, 2015

Summer Reading

It was a (meeko) trap! Lots of amazing books at the #HeydayBooks Holiday Book sale! Got several keepers for my #CaliforniaHistory shelf! #goodreads #books
Managing to just squeek through another semester of school has me frustrated, but determined to not let the summer holiday go without getting some reading & study done. Yes, there are many things to look forward to, but time formerly used for school can be used for study:

I. Maths! to read through my old math notes, work through some of my old homework (like flossing, I suppose I will do it but not as often as I profess to.. but will give it an honest go!) I also want to find a book or two on math theory if there's such a thing.. something to help me to understand the history, creation & usage of math formulas.

II. pleasure reading! a few of the random things I want to read or (re-read/finish**)this summer!

01. "Dead Wake" (Erik Larson)
02. "Lathe of Heaven" (Ursula LeGuin) a book long on my 'to read' list...finally! summer!
03. All the Wrong Questions series (Lemony Snicket)
04. "Gold Mountain" (Lisa See)**
05. "Bad Indians" (Deborah Mirandah)**
06. "The Country in the City" (Richard Walker)** [ that I have my own copy, no excuses!]
07. "Alfred Kroeber: A Personal Configuration" (Theodora Kroeber)
08. "The Bohemians" (Ben Tarnoff)
09. "Wherever There's a Fight" (Elaine Elinson,)

Cal Day Book finds!

III. Linguistics! Gratefully, I've gotten a list of some intro linguistics books/ authors to run down and read.. while it's for my own pleasure, it's also edification..

Along with some fun events, festivals, and panels, (not to mention D23 Expo in August!) I'm looking forward to the time being restful too. This last semester really wore me out.. and rather than dwell on why it may have done so (I cut out a considerable amount of volunteering and other pleasurable things and still felt I was a day late and a month behind most of the time..) I plan to move on with refreshed vigor.. ie: a new semester means new opportunity!

Free Summer means renewed energy for projects and other things I enjoy.. but especially reading... maybe some walks, parks & better sleep. We'll see!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Mayor of Dirt Hill

On this morning's walk up Shattuck.. at Dwight Way (near our original old 'hood!) Someone has excellent parking skills. ;)