Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life imitates Art.. CSI style

One of my favorite shows on the magic picture box is CSI (Las Vegas) and after having just seen this latest season finale, one wonders if there's a chance it'll be a cliff-hanger.

Is it possible that Gary Dourdan, the actor who plays a lead CSI on the show will make it back after his Avoiding jail time as he undergoes 30hrs of Diversion Therapy? The gentleman was arrested for possession, so perhaps 30 hours is more than enough therapy.

They off'ed the guy's character possibly because of his drug bust but who knows? This isn't the first time an actor on a popular program like CSI has had a real-life run-in with drugs or alcohol related trouble.

Previously the people who handle things like this let it get worked out then decide I have read. I don't know anything about the people involved, but it could also be a case of burnout and stress. The show just finished up its eighth season and could possibly keep going like Law & Order, but hopefully not run into the ground with bad stories and acting.

On a more upbeat note, I loved this same last episode of CSI where they found a DB (that's CSI speak for 'dead body') in the Arts District not too far from the Toy Lofts. I love identifying stuff like that. They film in LA all the time,(that's not uncommon) but that one, I didn't expect.

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