Monday, June 04, 2007

downtown crosswalks & other retail fun

So living downtown we notice a lot of the streets getting torn up for whatever reason. Luckily I don't drive otherwise I might be more annoyed.. thankfully not. We did notice that the new brickwork that went in over in South Park is the same that 5th & Main St. seems to have gotten as well. I'm just glad the big hole over by the Starbucks is now filled. It makes the area look closed for business.

Speaking of business, while I wasn't feeling too hot myself, my spouse went to a rooftop party in our building and found out a couple things. The jackhammering that was going on for a week below our apartment wasn't for naught. Seems we may be getting a dry cleaner in that unit. One of those drop off/ pick-up places. It's a small retail unit so I personally was hoping for a boba tea place or maybe a newsstand. The way the building it set up one can't really expect a lot of conversion options other than maybe a tea place or a hot dog stand. Well, I know it's not a cafe or a L&L (my personal hope is for a L&L Hawaiian or another Weeneez or possibly a Peet's Coffee cause I would totally go for that). Obviously being renters we don't have a right to choose what sort of retail we get.

So in the better than nothing, I guess I can stop complaining about not having retail in our building. *sigh* Still, it would be nice to have something that isn't upscale but isn't a McDonald's type fast food joint. (L&L isn't that fast food, people, and we could use something besides the Starbucks and the jacked up GAS STATION.. maybe another famima!!) oh well. what do I know?