Sunday, May 18, 2008

Alexander & the Litter Robot

Basically the conversation went something like this:

Joe: so what did you think of my Dog Poop post?

Meeko: I ought to make a video of the cats taking a dump in the Litter Robot in response to that.

Joe: You should!

Here you go Joe.. (a serious how-to, meant in jest to Big City Poz & his How To Pick Up Dog Pooh post. Enjoy!

LITTER ROBOT DEMO: Starring Alexander Rouse..

No cats were actually harmed in the making of this video, and hey.. I had to change the bag in there anyway! =)


Big City Poz said...

I'm just amazed that something like this exists. I'm also surprised that your cats so willingly use it!

It makes my method of collecting dog poop look downright primitive.

meekorouse said...


here's a not-so secret: if I don't put the bag in the tray correctly, I use the same method as you, except I can just tap the side of the tray into the bag.. and woe is me if the cats get into it, because sometimes it's not just the fur flying when they fight over using the cat box. ;P

fwiw: I only have to change the litter bag 2x a week and add a little fresh litter now and again.. saves a ton of $ on cat litter.

However, I don't get the benefits from walking the furkids like you do walking Ruby. =)

meekorouse said...

ps: Kiki loves the Litter Robot.. she used to set it off ALL THE TIME when we first got it just to watch it rotate. Made me nuts.

She still likes watching it but now she knows if I'm around I'll turn it on for her (cause I do it for Alexander too) and she "squeeks" after going potty so I'll push the button for her. (yeah they got me trained just as good as I have them trained to use it).