Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sacred Lands

Sacred Lands

as seen from the Shellmound / 40th Street Bridge..

These lands belong(ed) to the Ohlone people... now there's warehouses, railways, and a mall..

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Arbor Cafe


I pass Arbor on my walk back from the many visits to Kaiser over the last few months (getting blood work mainly) but on what was hopefully my last visit for a while, I treated myself to a nice meal of yogurt & tea in between appointments..

I had some of my last finals work to finish for school so Arbor is a good place to sit quietly in work. People are usually respectfully hushed when enjoying their coffee or lunch there.. and they have some large tables to sit and eat and have room to work.

Yogurt & hot tea

Strawberries were huge!
Yogurt Close
the granola was so good.. I didn't think to ask if they made it themselves or where it came from.. If I thought I could get granola like this from a package I would, but I definitely would order the yogurt and gronola from Arbor again.. so good. I was happy and the serving was plenty as an early lunch/late breakfast.. (which is what this was for me.)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Nigel Sussman


One of Nigel Sussman's many grafart pieces around Berkeley. This one seen from the #6 Bus as we make the turn onto Telegraph. This is on the Dwight Way side of Han's Bistro, (formerly Bleeker Bistro.) at 2498 Telegraph Ave.