Friday, May 30, 2008

Asleep on Main Street

The traffic slows down but for the buses and the constant voice traffic that flows upwards from the cafes below. Late into the night and early morning hours, the occasional car alarm will sound or a police siren. I am usually wide awake til early in the morning, not able to get any rest. I can see lights in the distance of others awake too. Perhaps working or just not sleeping like myself.

Last night I took something to help me sleep. I took it about eleven p.m. or so and finally I started to get tired. I slept deeply, dreamlessly til the cat woke me up at 930 or so.. then took another nap.

This entire week has been for the most part like this for me. Difficulty sleeping with a hint of unease. I keep hoping I'll approach the new day differently but it just seems to hang over like a fog. Things should be changing, exciting new things. I just don't seem to be very inspired by it all. I'm off my rhythm, with an uncertainty of how I lost it or how to get it back.

Maybe some caffeine and a test of the air outside will make a difference. Hot brownie and coffee yesterday worked for a while, but maybe a brisk walk would work too. Then again, it could just be a slow week.

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