Sunday, January 11, 2015

Zac's.. or how to bribe me. ;)

You want me to walk the extra distance somewhere, an easy way to do it is to include a favorite dining place in the adventure..
A trip to Trader Joe's on College would include lunch at Zachary's College Avenue location..

Zac's Special
Zac's Special.. Italian sausage, green peppers, onion and mushrooms

amazingly yummy.. a 10"small is 6 huge slices..

We ended up devouring the whole pizza (sharing a spinach salad, and a couple iced teas) between the two of us.. sort of an early dinner/late lunch.. (aka: "Linner") and ended up so stuffed it made not being tempted at TJ's a lot easier.. ;) Walking there & back was good excercise but you can bet it didn't make up for all the pizza.

Fortunately we live far enough away that the walk over there makes the visit a special treat rather than an over-indulgence.