Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From Hope to Main

nothing new! Yes there is.. just not too exciting for me (and some just downright depressing).
San Fernando Bldg during the 'short' but very uncomfortable for those living there power outage last weekend (Helman & the Continental weren't affected).

-several days of crappy heat
-a panic worrying about my next move,(not that far.. around the corner)
-several nights of insomnia
-cats getting hairballs on the TJ's catfood
-celebrated my 7th anniversary a night early by going to see "Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" at (you guessed it)the El Cap over at Hollywood & Highland. hmmm maybe I could do a review but then, what's the surprise in that?
-several walks to clear my head and not succeeding..
-wondering what's next?

Also around the neighborhood:
-filming at old bank dvd is still going on all day today;(rent a movie tomorrow?)

Cool stuff coming up in the next few days but wow! all at the same time after days of nothin' much:

-Streetcar coming to Broadway? Want to know more you can register at the door early a.m Thursday morning the 22nd. It's an all-day thing so hope your schedule is free! $25 for residents (otherwise it's $50).

-Art Festival at ArtShare in the Arts District, sponsored by LARABA and curated by Lilli Muller. Cool stuff and I hear Ed Fuentes is going to have a piece in it. ;) Not to mention about 30 other cool people... Susan Bolles, Emmerich, and Robert Vargas among the noted. That event is from 7pm to Midnight, so no excuse not to go and check it out and maybe contribute a little or a lot. Just saying. =)

-Also tomorrow night is the Zocolo event at the LATC.. for the taco truck! That is at 7pm and you need to be pre-registered for that. It's free and who doesn't love the ubiquitous taco trucks?


See? I really didn't have anything to post.. how about some pix? =)

arching cranes at night
A present for the Higgins at 2nd & Main in the late evening.. a giant crane to wake you with more construction.

Bike or Bus.. (or walk!)
bike or bus downtown
Near City Hall, while running errands yesterday morning.

this installment dedicated to White Boy/ White Dog and his noisy crane.


skidrowdude said...

Great pics Meeko- I have yet to get one crystal clear pic (I know how autofocus works, but it is fighting me).

So you are moving again? Staying downtown or not sure?

I have to move at end of July and want to stay downtown- in another loft, but I'm looking for a new contract that may cause me to move close to client. I'm stressed too...

meekorouse said...


re: the photos, thanks! =) I need more practice.

re: the move, I have a place to move already.. I deposit on a place in the Continental building around the corner on Spring.

I still have to set up all the utility type stuff and whatnot. Also the cats have more furniture than I do. =)

You should stay downtown if you can. There's places coming on line in the next month or so.. you should start inquiring soon so they can keep you updated on stuff.