Friday, July 17, 2009

Big Man Bakes OPEN!

Big man cupcakes now open! on Twitpic
Big Man Bakes cupcakes are now being sold at Ray's Old Bank District Market near 4th & Main.. "Extra Large Cupcakes" go for about $3.25 and $1 ea for the 'mini' cupcakes..

Went in there around lunch and they had their carrot cake cupcakes & the red velvet cupcakes. I'm a big fan of the carrot cake capcakes as they are very moist.. The red velvet was good too.. but the frosting was a little too sweet.. in a sugary-y birthday cake sort of way.. but still good. Yes, I'll be back..

There are many cupcake options out there. Please note some really good cupcakes can also be had at Pitfire Pizza at 2nd & Main. The Nickel Diner has an amazingly yummy red velvet cupcake. New options coming soon: Blue Cupcakes opening on the 20th of July (in cooperation with Lot 44 near 3rd & Spring). Babycakes NYC bakery coming to 6th & Main hopefully later this year.. The Historic Core is becoming cupcake central! Pace yourself and start checking out these new places.. Go to Big Man Bakes first!

Big Man Bakes
409 S. Main
Los Angeles, CA 90013


MirthNadir said...

Great store here. I love it. I have been a fan of the big Man Bakes product for two years. Happy the store is open now. Nice review as well.

meekorouse said...

Wow I hadn't realized they'd been around 2years.. they were doing samples at the last couple art walks and now have the counter inside Old Bank Market.. which is nice and very tempting.. I didn't mention their other flavors but those were the only two they had in that day. I will be going back again for those Carrot Cake cupcakes..

I had too many cupcakes the other day between the cupcakes I split with the spouse and the one I had at Disneyland that same night. =)