Sunday, April 04, 2010


Happy Easter! Happy Spring.. Speaking of new beginnings and all that..

Yesterday was a day of Firsts (actually last weekend was too.. but that's later) Since the cat woke us up around 4am, we stayed awake and had breakfast at LA Cafe on Spring. It was ok.

The real surprise came later.. we were headed out to run errands and SeanYoda recalled a place I've been wanting to go with him for a while but the timing was always off (I always seem to remember when they were closed on Sundays and often our plans don't work out otherwise). Langer's.

We went to Langer's!!!

I've eaten at Langer's a couple times while assisting in Blogging support a year or so ago. While SeanYoda reminded me he has had Langer's before (he recalled my bringing home leftovers from an event one time), he had yet to visit the location for lunch. So here we are!!

We waited to be seated.. and it helped we came in already knowing what we wanted.. (hint is in photo) It was just a matter if we were going to split an order, or get our own...

We ended up splitting of course!

#19 Pastrami w/ swiss (and slaw)
my half of the #19 Our server kindly put our halves on our own plate and I'm not sure, but think she may have given us an extra pickle..

Sean bites into his half..
Sean's 1st Visit to Langer's

We also got a side order of potato salad just in case the 1/2 wasn't enough.. (it was though as I ended up offering the remnant of my 2nd pickle half to Sean and left very full!)

One order of the #19 (pastrami w/ swiss & slaw), a side of potato salad & 2 iced teas came to $25 plus tip..

We parked at the Langer's lot at 7th & Westlake.. (and they do validate at Langer's)

Langer's Delicatessen-Restaurant
704 South Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, C.A. 90057
(213) 483-8050

HOURS: Monday - Saturday, 8am - 4pm

Langer's is the BEST pastrami sandwich in LA (if not the world..) with Canter's being 2nd... You can take the Red Line out there to MacArthur Park if you don't have a car.. and if you do have a car.. like we happened to have this Easter weekend, then you now know where to park! =)

more of my Langer's Flickr Set