Thursday, May 08, 2008

*drool* Hoagies & Wings *drool*

Forgive me while I clean up this mess I'm making as I'm recalling the delicious cheeseburger I just had for lunch at the NEW Downtown Hoagies and Wings location near 4th & Broadway (near Biddy Mason Plaza).


I had eaten here previously and enjoyed the Steak Hoagie, but upon reading the review on Erik's White Boy/White Dog wanted to give it a try.

I usually go to Weeneez for their cheeseburger, and I love their cheeseburger, but during the evenings of Art Walk when it's crazy/ busy, they may take the cheeseburger off the menu, so one needs a cheeseburger alternative!

I HAVE FOUND IT! Hoagies & Wings! OMG.. The seasoning.. the grilled onions! It's so good.

A really big plus besides them having great food, is the super nice folks that run the place. They're a family business and do a really great lunch crowd from the local city workers and the like, but in the evening, did you know they are still there serving up really great wings, steak hoagies & the burgers?

While I can't vouch for the 'greasiness' factor that "white boy/ white dog" mentions, I will say that if you are offered one of those 'wet nap' things, don't say no. ;)

My cheeseburger was juicy and seasoned and if I gave out an award for being "stuffed" they would have it. Unfortunately, they'll just have to live with knowing they have a really great burger! Now excuse me, while I finish off my diet soda and head off to art walk..

Hoagies & Wings
332 S. Broadway.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: (213) 613-1212
Fax: (213) 613-1201

ps: call ahead or get delivery on order of $10 and up..


Big City Poz said...

I like the hamburger, but it has a few flaws.

First of all, I don't like the shredded up lettuce. It gets soggy quickly and just turns into a mess. This burger could use come crunch. they should use leafs of lettuce.

Also, the grilled onions tend to eat into the bun, turning the bread soggy. The next time I have a burger there, I will ask for no lettuce and no onions.

The last time I had a burger from there, the bun was stale. I realized this when I got home. Had I eaten it there, I would have complained.

Say! The burger comes with fries. Where's your picture of the fries? You can't fool me; I know you had fries!

meekorouse said...

oh I'm sorry your burger wasn't a good experience. I had no issue with bun or sogginess. Maybe I ate too quick, but it was good. =)

As for the fries, I devoured them before I remembered to take a photo. You can see a little of the french fry paper in the larger image. =)

skidrowdude said...

Meeko- I'm glad you like the burgers there- they are still my fav. and I like the people running the place (Carlo is a true gentleman).

Joe- I have not had the bad food that you have- and I would definitly complain. But all has bee good for me.

Now I just wish they were open on the weekend as I'm starving!


meekorouse said...

Oh! But they are open on weekends.. 12pm to 7pm. =) (according to the message on the phone)

(1030-9pm weekdays)

I think a major difference, and I didn't think about it before is that Joe took his to go.. that's bound to have a difference between waiting til you are home and when you get it right in front of you. But that stale bun thing.. not sure what that was about. =(