Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kiki Rouse Travels On..

Jan 2001-Oct 27th 2015

Kiki was adopted Nov 2001 from the Berkeley Humane Society on 9th street.. We thought she'd make a good cat mom or playmate for Alexander, who we'd adopted a couple months previous.. This never came to be.. but they put up with each other..

Her birthday was celebrated every January.. 2001 (around the 11th) was approximated by our then vet Dr. Harkewicz at Berkeley D&C.. We celebrated both her adoption anniversary & her kitty birthday.. usually with some cat grass or a special toy or treat..

KIki liked 'tummy rubbins', skritchies under the chin & behind the ears, brushings, playing "handsy" under the quilt.. She liked to watch the Giants games or just take naps.. she loved her balls, her little Eyeore plushies, her daddy's shoes, rolling in his dirty socks, people watching and chirping at random birds outside the window.

She was a good therapy cat, always wanting to snuggle up next to our hip or just relax with one or both of us.. When sleep couldn't be found, you could count on Kiki & her purrs to relax & put you to sleep.

She loved Harry Potter movies, being read to, and listening to jazz music.. but mostly she just liked hanging out in sun patches, or on the couch, or bed, taking naps & just being with her people. She was almost always mellow... as long as there was no earthquake, or doorbells, or repairmen.. or her brother pestering her.. ;)

She passed away as a result of serious Chronic Kidney Disease (she'd gotten seriously ill last winter but with treatement and a change in diet, was on the mend the last several months we'd thought.. then took a serious lapse the previous week).. She was raised in Berkeley, as well made her home in Anaheim, LA, Emeryville & finally the last year home in Berkeley.. She was a Berkeley Cat & loved by her human family very very much.

on a better day.. "Princess" Kiki 2 May 2015

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Saturday was spent in the city attending some cool panels at USF over on Fulton.. My phone continues to deteriorate but I managed to get some shots (including some blurry pix which I added to my USF album..)

Thinking it would be cool,the weather was actually rather lovely. I brought a sweater but didn't really need it so much.. The fog was still hanging about over the hills and looked just beautiful. The photos don't do it justice, but it was like Brigadoon in the city..

Sutro Tower

Sutro Tower w/ fog

I took one last shot as I headed on my walk back to Market St.. I'll be in the city again to do another gallery visit for school & don't expect to get a shot like this:
Sutro Tower at Dusk.. (5pm-ish)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

New Installation at the History Center

New installation "Berkeley Art Capital of the West" will be opening today, the 11th of October:
Berkeley Art Capital of the West

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Center Street

Center Street
How many times do you walk down a street and forget to look up and notice the interesting aspects of the architecture around you? (rhetorical question there) I often forget and then am taken by the little bits: the pieces of old Berkeley (or older Berkeley) that remain hiding away due to our getting on with our business of going to and from places.