Wednesday, November 14, 2007

no retail but new retail..

just not our retail. I really don't post too often here at all. The last time I posted in my own blogger was in June and I was saying something about a rumor to have a dry cleaner. Well, it's November and we don't have a dry cleaner. I'm actually ok with that. I don't use dry cleaners and I personally think they use a lot of chemicals one doesn't necessarily need to be using in a residential building. I'm not big on ironing either.. wash and wear you know?

OK.. so if you had dry cleaning you can take it to Ralph's Fresh Fare as they seem to have a drop off pick up place there.

OTH, Coffee Bean & Tea has opened at the Market Lofts.. The Pastagina is on it's way in and there are more shops in the South Group buildings. Downtown is looking very shiny lately. It's still the same place though. Just shinier.