Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Hope to Main

Dear bored or semi-regular readers (all 3 of you)

Today was another weird one in the moving process. I know moving, or any big life-changing experience is supposed to be stressful, yet cathartic, sad, joyful.. whatever. I'm having the stress end mostly. It's taking way too long, and there's just too much stuff. Much too much! This coming from someone who used to move a LOT and got used to the whole process.

I used to like moving. I found it a good way to clear the clutter and clear stagnant, non-productive energy and make room for new and amazing possibilities. The thing is, I'm not the only one making the move. While I have my own tendency to want things, I don't want too many things. The things that aren't mine or 'ours' or whatever.. it's not my decision to make. So the STUFF comes with us.

I find 'stuff' gets in the way a lot though. I'm not saying I want to sell off my worldly goods and go join a convent (hee hee) but I think when the focus is on the stuff and not on other things, there's something missing. For me, I can't think straight and I get overwhelmed. Like too many choices on a menu, narrowing things down and getting it right can be difficult. I have given up the desire to be one of those "collect the whole set" or MUST HAVE that, though again, there are times even I fall into that. I'm getting off track here, but you get the idea.

We only have so many days and we're running into glitches.. elevators going out at the old place, parking gates non-functioning, street closures, work schedules (not mine, but the spouse is still having work things to deal with) and on top of it all, there are scheduling issues with the various organizations that we considered donating the big stuff rather than take it to the new place.

When all of this is done though, it will be worth it and we'll get to go back to normal hopefully, that being what "normal" is these days. Then maybe in another month I get to do it again.. Times like these, I can't help but think of George Carlin and his routine on "stuff"..

Enough from me..

installment 5: dedicated to: SkidrowScribe and Central City East bloggers. =)


Big City Poz said...

I hate to say I told you so, but just who was it who said to box up everything and have the movers move it all?

No, you said. They'll take the big things and you will move everything else.

Well, you'll have to take tomorrow off. The Fiesta will make moving impossible.

You missed a great party for Wonton today. Ruby ate most of the cake!

meekorouse said...

oy! you're right.. there's just too much stuff.. we got folks coming Monday to take some of it away (including my wardrobe.. it's just too big to move and it doesn't fit in the GilVille elevators here, even broken down).

Well I let Sean plan it this time based on stuff we learned from a previous move so there you go.

You're right though.. we seemed to have accumulated more stuff when at least one of us wasn't looking. ;P