Saturday, April 19, 2008

stay tuned.. watch this space..

something..something Downtown!

So since I was thinking to post something about it,and it's not a one day thing, I plan to do some kind of photo essay or series "a la Bert Green" maybe, of the move to Main Street.. the entire process might take 1-2 weeks.. so a 'PotD' might be in order.. or maybe a brief description with vague images. I haven't decided yet, or perhaps a mix of both.

so yeah, stay tuned.. all 2 or 3 of you that read this thing. ;P

EDIT: a little cat nap
00 moving nap
Alexander knows something is up.. so he chews on the moving boxes to make sure they are properly marked and waits it out. He had a long wait when this photo was taken on the 14th of April. =)


Big City Poz said...

Why just vague and brief? Maybe this is a time in your life where you can really define yourself by this move and this big change in your life.

Bert has a fine eye for detail and significance in images, but you have a personal and developing story that could nicely go along with that.

I just think that maybe it's time to come out of the shadows. Dump the mystery woman. Present you.

meekorouse said...

=) but it's not about me.. it's about downtown.. the art, the blogs the community..

also I haven't figured out what I want to do with this blog. It's personal but not too personal. There are better folks than me doing this thing.

I think when I started doing it I was thinking sort of a "hansel & greatle" approach of finding bred crumbs.. or biscuit crumbs if you will.. places, hangouts whatever. Things I came across.

Not really meant for a place for me to leave myself, although I do sometimes. I think that in the blogging business (and no this isn't a business for me) one can't be too opinionated about things, they can't express far to one side or the other.

I do feel strongly about annoying drunk people,(they're annoying) but I also have to think about what I do at other times of the day when I'm not just representing myself.

I think it's fine for me to say I find annoying drunk people annoying and I wish they'd respect people who aren't going that angle but I'm not going to you know, start sharing myself overly much.

Friends like you & Don know what the deal is, and that's good enough for me. ;)

I could use some ideas though on how to visually express the move. So far it's been full of me oversleeping, Sean coming back from San Jose with a sinus cold, the parking fun, and stuff like the mailbox key not working for Sean. Mundane stuff that I can't quantify yet with photos.

I love his new closet though. It's very organized and ready for his stuff. ;)

meekorouse said...

mystery woman.. *giggle* I'm still smiling here. =)

Big City Poz said...

It's not about you? It's your blog; it can be about anything you want it to be.

I'm not saying I'm a model to follow, but I throw in everything but the kit.....wait a minute. I throw that in too. Nobody's shot me yet.

.....and just where did you get your perceptions about the "blogging business"? Don't tell me you're ready to report on every new pop shop that opens up on the freeway.

When you're talking about obnoxious drunks, you're singing to the choir here, baby.

Yes, I know the story and maybe Don does too....but to the rest of the world you remain the mystery woman. I suggest you change the title from meeko's crumbs to downtown mystery woman.

I'm serious.

meekorouse said...

short answer:
ehhh I was trying to be 'tongue in cheek' about the "it's not about me" thing.. =) need to work on my emoticons..

as for changing the blog title, hmmm.. have to think on that.

urban memo said...

what a GORGEOUS cat.

meekorouse said...

that's Alexander.. he's my 'puppy'. =) He'll be 7 in August. =) He's a sweet angel boy kitty when he's not biting me or getting naughty. ;P