Friday, April 04, 2008

Skid Row Watch Walk..

First Wednesday Every Month!
I just made it in time to go on the Skid Row Watch Walk with community activists and our LAPD this past week. I almost didn't make it because I got confused about what street to go to and I usually have one or two friends walking over there with me.

I did find the location (Midnight Mission at 6th & San Pedro) as I was only a block away, and I always seem to find a nice person to ask for directions. I've been lucky in that for such a rough and desperate area that Skid Row can be, there are many decent folks that are there, that are willing to interact and reach out. Those scared of going to such an event, it really is ok. If you've never been in a community that makes you uncomfortable or puts you out of your element, then you really haven't left your comfort zone.


Me, I don't like walking out of skid row at night by myself. I've never had to do that yet. I'm very grateful to those kind souls who have either walked with me, or, like this last time, given me a lift. =) Thank you!

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