Wednesday, April 23, 2008

something looks different..

01 for lease2
could be the day.. or the tint..

01 for lease
could it be the sunlight outside?

this first installment dedicated to Big City Poz & Ruby =)


Big City Poz said...

Great beginning and good work! Thank you.

Joe and Ruby

meekorouse said...

=) well I hear you ran into Sean yesterday.. we got the cats moved in, last night (you'd think Alexander was being tortured the way he complained on the way over) and they are LOVING it here.. so much to see.

We still have tons of stuff back on Hope Street but the Direct TV guy came (and I still don't know if we get Ch 35 (city hall) or not but both cats are seemingly very content).

As for me, still looking for a place.. checked Craigslist.. wish me luck!!

Big City Poz said...

That's good news about the cats. I was worried that they would have a tough time adjusting but it seems as if they're happy.

Yes, I ran into Sean just as the mattress was being unloaded. I got there just in time--I didn't have to lift anything. I told him that it's good you have a few extra days to close the old place out.

How's the noise level in the new place?