Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Art Walk (or maybe in some cases: 50 bottles of beer on the sidewalk)

I just want to preface this by saying not everyone was drinking, and yes, I do imbibe myself,(not when I'm 'working') but I do enjoy a glass now & again and maybe some good microbrews.. so with that prefaced... my little comentary on the larger number of folks drinking at Art Walk..

0410artwalk00Temporary gallery space at the Rowan Lofts (open during part of art walk but not associated with art walk). This photo has nothing to do with my post, btw.. just thought it a good photo.

Thursday found me at the April Art Walk. I didn't see a lot, but I did get around and basically spent most of the night looking inward to the galleries. So many people! Art Walk had many more people than usual,(and Art Walk is usually pretty busy). However, this night there were so many people in for all the different goings-on by 9pm or so it was easy to see that these new folks were drinking and clogging the doors and sidewalks. So much though, that it kind of put a damper on my good mood.

I'm glad folks are coming downtown, and I'm glad they're attending Art Walk. I just wish they didn't drink so damn much! I wish if they did, that they would just have some sort of dignity and respect the rules that have been set up to not only protect them from getting arrested for open containers, but they would also respect the rights of the gallery owners to not have drunk gallery patrons.

Wine is for imbibing, not for getting shit-faced drunk. I think there's a difference in there somewhere. Your mother isn't here to tell you your limits, it's your job to know when to stop.


Big City Poz said...

I agree. The art walk seems to be as much or even more about the alcohol than it does the art. I walked by Pharmaka early morning after the walk and I was amazed at the number of empty bottles stacked outside.

....and let's not forget the neighborhood council mixers. The third one is coming up and it will feature--surprise!--drink specials.

Isn't it nice that Skid Row was cleaned up so the drinkers could take over?

meekorouse said...

I don't know how cleaned up skid row is, but yeah.. there was a LOT of drinking going on.

I don't mind a little drinking, as I would be a hypocrite to say I don't drink. However, I hate feeling like I'm practically the only person sober at the party. It's a shame that folks feel they have to be halfway drunk to enjoy art. (although honestly I didn't enjoy much of the art myself this time around.. kept thinking "wtf? that's art?")

There's been better offerings for sure at Art Walk and I'm no critic so I'll just leave that alone. ;)

Scott K SMith said...

I don't see that any different than what I have ever seen in any city before. Aside from the fact that LA in general has it's fair share of drinkers, I honestly enjoy the advent of "party people". This new blood contains the potentials for so many new buyers, renters, art interested, relationships yet explored. It's good for downtown LA, we're not all going to get what we want, it's an impossibility. Focus on what you do like and navigate around the rest.

bgfa said...

Please note that the location you cite in your photo is NOT an Art Walk gallery. It is a temporary space that is not on the Art Walk map, has no connection to the Art Walk organizers, and never spoke to us about how to handle the alcohol rules at Art Walk.

All the participating galleries have strict rules for how drinks are served. No drinks are permitted on the street, and nobody is allowed more than 2 drinks. Many of the galleries do not serve drinks at all. This is not to say that some visitors do not abuse this, hiding their drinks and sneaking them out, but we do not condone or support this.

meekorouse said...

thanks Bert. I agree with your point.. I tried to amend my photo description, and you know I don't recall which places had the greatest number of folks drinking but it was a general sense of more new people out & about drinking and needing constant reminding and 'babysitting' so to speak. Greater numbers, and greater incidences of folks leaning and stumbling.

I'm not sure what the point of folks wandering the galleries drinking to that extent but other than trying to enforce what you and similar minded people already are doing (and I know you are one of the folks that are quite aware) what else there is to do.

People will do what they will do, and I guess as long as art walk itself isn't compromised, it's still good.

I've never drank during art walk thus far, but I can't imagine it changing my perspective on the art. ;)

Big City Poz said...

Hey, Scott, I've been in one of those "relationships yet explored" that had its beginnings in a bar. Maybe sometime I'll tell you about it. It's not a pretty story.

I do agree with you about navigating around the worst, however. A couple of other bloggers and I will be seeking out and spot lighting the worst next month.

Big City Poz said...

....oh yeah---we'll be looking for the best too.