Tuesday, April 08, 2008

busy weekend! busy week!

What can I say, it's been a busy weekend, and it's going to get even busier! (which is good for good reasons!)

This past Saturday was the Cherry Blossom Festival in Little Tokyo (which I attended briefly before heading out to Anaheim,CA). We all next headed over to the Block at Orange,where we had a nice & very filling meal at Koji's with friends (there were 7 of us) for shabu shabu, and a special treat to get to see our friend Kimmie who was visiting home from out of state for a couple days.

Happy belated bday to Kimmie-cat, who doesn't read this anyway. =)

Sunday found me on a 6 hour bus ride through kitsch-y Los Angeles thanks to the LAST EVER Charles Phoenix "Disneyland Tour of Downtown Los Angeles." It was not so much a tour of "LA as Disneyland", but more like a historical romp through town with a very brave & intrepid travel guide, (he was wearing Mickey ears and carrying a bullhorn which he wasn't afraid to use!) I would have loved to have taken this tour when we first moved to Downtown LA, but alas I would say that this would be a great treat for the out-of-towner's and new to Downtown folks, (assuming the tour was to continue).

More on that later.. I got a write-up to do on it and TONS of pictures to edit or upload or both. Just thinking about all those photos wears me out! LOL

This coming Thursday is the Downtown LA Art Walk & Comedy Walk.. not to mention a couple other treats in store, including a future move to the Historic Core,(good thing I didn't change the name of my blog!).

Today was an alright day, and not just because there's a new place for hot-wings in town.. I feel like there's been a small movement forward, not just for myself but for others around me. Kimmie is a good example and I'll just leave it at that. =)


Big City Poz said...

Pamela, where have you been? When are you moving? I have an end table with three drawers in it you can have if you want it. It matches my bed, except the wood is stained instead of painted.

I also have a taller 6-drawer cabinet which is good for things like socks and underwear. Do women wear underwear or panties? It'll hold either.

meekorouse said...

Hey Joe! =) been around.. doing bloggy blogger assistant stuff and other things.

Sean's move is going to be gradual. He takes possession of his apartment on the 19th of April. I'm still looking for a place.

I'll be packing too, but rather than focus on where I'm going to put my stuff I'm looking to just pack it good and keep it packed til it's my turn.

I think I'm getting to keep the stand-alone wardrobe maybe so I might not need a place for my socks. =)

As for what to call it.. I think if it's a pretty girls underwear, it's called "panties" LOL Otherwise your guess is as good as mine. =P