Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yesterday's fire on Winston St...

Make that Thursday's fire on Winston Street was covered better by Big City Poz and other folks, so I didn't bother posting. I too caught a lot of the action from the apartment window, and ran out & downstairs to shoot some up close.

Only problem? I locked myself out! Luckily I got back in thanks to Erik at the leasing office.. (thank you so much!) and was able to access my laptop as well take more photos including this one of Alexander.

Alexander vs. the LAFD
Here he is checking out the action as it's wrapping up..

He & Kiki were fine through the whole 'ordeal' and we're all grateful that no one was injured while fighting this warehouse fire. Between the added (and un-needed) adventure of being locked out of the apartment, my flickr didn't like uploading all those big files, so I was beyond late getting them up.

Thanks to Joe & to Ed for linking my photos on their individual blogs.. much appreciated. =)


skidrowdude said...

Alexander looks so fascinated by the activity- I love that pic!

meekorouse said...

thanks! =) He's a very curious kitty that one!