Wednesday, June 11, 2008

and.. we're back! (sort of)

What does a burrow move, several trips to IKEA, a LA River fire, a beauty sunset, floor to ceiling windows, game 3 of the Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals, mounted LAPD and a filling cheeseburger with Blogger pals at the Redwood all have in common?, digital photos! (also another rash of pix of how I spent the last few days) and I'm up all night just so I can upload them on my laptop (cause my DSL hasn't been connected on schedule!) to the flickr account, edit some and direct you to gawk at all my Photoshop free editing (it's called Picnic but it's not).

starting with my "new view" set:
inside my closet (notice I'm not in it, but then again, neither are my clothes. Dangit)

Other than getting my keys and moving a few items into the new place, Saturday night I made it around to a few of the galleries open for the 2008 Dowtown LA Open House.. sort of an "Art Walk Light" and while I didn't really take pix of the happenings, I did try a few practice shots, of which this is the first one:

First/Last Gallery
Looking through the window of Jim & Celia's "First/Last" Winstead Adams Gallery that will eventually become "Raw Materials" a great LOCAL place to get art & architectural supplies. That's Ms. Celia to the left of the white posted gallery show sign.

Running into Edgar Varela, owner/curator of EVFA (Edgar Varela Fine Arts) he was kind to let me practice my sad photo skills on him. ;) I'm still needing practice on night shots, but I thought it turned out alright. He has his sunglasses with him because he's working all day, and in this case, into the night.. he always has a smile ready too.


on our way to running errands, I took about 4 pix of a pillar of black smoke coming from the LA River basin.. not sure what it was.. and I was wondering what I should do in cases like this.

Is this a controlled fire like it seemed or was it bad? Either way do you call 911 for that? I wanted to but was convinced not to.


out shooting around my neighborhood in the evening:

not sure if it's really open.. but hey! steak fries!

light play against the sky and the skyline

looking toward downtown

ok.. and now for Tuesday, the 10th....


skidrowdude said...

Great pics as always, Meeko! I especially like the skyline w/ the jet trail- the downtown building provide endless photo-ops, don't they?

But hey, I want to see the pic of you eating the burger at Redwood :-)

meekorouse said...

LOL.. thankfully I don't have pix with the hamburger in my mouth but we'll see what I come up with. ;P

meekorouse said...

the set is up, and now so is the post. =)