Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Hope" for Firefighters today!

Happy Thursday!
Please don't forget HOPE FOR FIREFIGHTERS for your lunch today. It's on Hope Street at Hope Place (333 S. Hope St North of the Central Library) to benefit the LAFD Widows,Orphans & Disabled Firefighters Fund.. it's fun & it's good food!) I know other blogs have posted about it, but I had such a good time last year watching the races and the food! OMG! talk about some good bbq or cheesesteaks! If you are a meat eater and love the bbq or the tri-tip, be sure and check it out for your lunch-break. It's for a good cause, so breaking your diet shouldn't be a problem for one day!


skidrowdude said...

What a great cause to "break the diet" for! I'm going to head over that way with White Dog and if she is behavin' I'm going to get some Tri-Tip. Thanks for the reminder.

meekorouse said...

did you make it?? I had the Korean BBQ.. I was so busy I forgot my soy packet but the meat was seasoned nice so I didn't need it.

I got a couple ok shots but I guess I'll wait and see before posting anything. =)

skidrowdude said...

No need to wait before posting your pics! I didn't go over to Hope St as my feet were hurting and I was afraid if Isis ran into another dog there she'd cause a scene.

Korean BBQ w/ soy packet??? I have more questions... :-)

meekorouse said...

oh! bummer.. well there's always next year!

I had the Korean bbq shortribs. It was a single thing of shortribs with rice and salad. They had soy sauce packets but I forgot to grab one. It almost really didn't need one..

There were other bbq offerings but by the time I was checking those out, I had eaten already. oh well!

sorry you are still having such trouble with your feet.. take it easy for a couple days then maybe I dunno build up again.. several short ones til your feet heal.

thanks again!