Friday, June 13, 2008

Post-Art Walk update

Art Walk was made interesting by the substitution of "Hippodrome" the 1940s era Art Walk bus which was hosted by Kim Cooper & Esotouric (the folks that bring you the Black Dahlia tour and the "1947 Project Crime Bus").

You can see my flickr set of the JUNE 2008 Art Walk HERE. Most of them are out of focus just to warn you.

Here's a few of the 'better ones'
Hopping on the Art Walk bus in front of the Regent Theatre.

Poet on Spring
Running into Richard McDowell,(Downtown Poet) outside the Continental Gallery on Spring St.

Blues on the Bus

keeping watch..
More Music on the street (outside Sphinx) as watched over by our fantastic LAPD. (seriously cool dudes let the fun go reasonably then asked for folks to shut the mini singing/drumming/ jamming down which they did with little to no protest at all). I'm glad this shot came out. The rest are rather frenetic.

@ Old Bank (after art walk)
After the Art Walk at Banquette & Old Bank DVD's patio.

Today SeanYoda had to go in for court duty yet again (but he got dismissed so he's done!) However, before he knew that, we went to LIME for lunch.. (now I owe him for 2 lunches!):

Sean tried the "free-range chicken" burrito this time (he had the carne asada last time):
LIME cafe
yeah I know you can't tell much by the photo...

Thanks to Eric (white boy/ white dog) I decided to try the carne asada tacos:
LIME cafe
I pretty much have it down to: "It was good. It was messy." (Repeat 3x)

Personal note: I got the office mostly set up (and am blogging from my desk). My dsl is up & running. I still need to connect the wi-fi router so I can *maybe* get some wifi when I'm on the MacBook. I'm not sure that I can get it all the way to Banquette though, as I can't get Sean's wifi up here.

It feels weird. I don't feel odd working up here at all. It's the night alone in the city. Maybe it'll be different once the cats are up here, but for now it feels more like a quiet office away from it all, which I guess is what I really wanted to begin with. That and a diet coke. ;)

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