Saturday, June 07, 2008

More "Hope" and then some..

Finally got around to uploading pix from the last few days from my flickr.. so I give you the:
"Hope for Firefighters" set from Thursday:
Afterwards, we sort of stumbled upon a " budget cutting rally" which had a pretty good turnout!

My photos aren't the best but I figured I'd put them up anyway.. LAPD were there on their bikes and leading the way through the street!



Thursday night I had dinner at Weeneez and had the yummy cheddar cheeseburger with everything (this is my fave!)I had it as part of the 'combo' which included my choice of coleslaw or potato salad, a bag of chips & a drink:
Weeneez cheeseburger combo

Wow! It sure was cheesy!
Weeneez cheeseburger w/ everything & cheddar!


Friday I was out and about in the afternoon where I came across more LAFD action as they were just leaving the King Edward:
LAFD responding

LAFD down from Werdin PL.

and finally, making a turn onto Main Street..
LAFD making a turn..

So.. lots of pix and it's no wonder I'm up late.. =) There should be another set coming up over the weekend.. I'm having more mini adventures starting this morning.. oh and nevermind what the time stamp says, with the editing and all it's now about 5min after 3am. *blink blink*

PSST! hey.. you're not done.. I got a question for my neighbors, so keep scrolling to the next (previous) post:


skidrowdude said...

Great pics as always, Meeko! But did you have to go and take pics of another cheeseburger??? I go back and forth between your pics of Hoagies and Wings burger, and Weeneez. You could at least meke those pics "fuzzy" or "soft focus" so they don't look so tempting :-)

meekorouse said...

Julie's are my fave but I do like Hoagies and wings too.. they are different for sure. If you want a good classic cheeseburger that is juicy and filling, I'd go for the Weeneez. If you want zesty and fries, go for Hoagies & Wings. ;P

(did that help or make it worse?)

skidrowdude said...

Thanks Meeko- good descriptions; I think I'll like Julie's just fine, as long as I don't stop at Lime Cafe next door for a little Carne Asada first (I went today and loved my tacos)!

It's great we are getting CHOICES now!