Monday, June 23, 2008

nola ice

Thanks to LAist's Zach Behrens, I got to have the closest thing to a real New Orleans snoball on Saturday. My first one in like, 9years.. (I moved from New Orleans/Metairie area in March 1999).

NOLa Ice
you can see more of the flickr set if you like.

course, it's no Sal's.. and it's not served the same way either.. what can you do? It's LA! (in new orleans the snoball trailer in summer is as ubiquitous as the taco truck in LA). =)

will I go back? Definitely.. next time I'm anywhere near Sherman Oaks.



Love, indefinable love !

G. Casanova

skidrowdude said...

Those Snoballs look great- I wish they'd have pushcarts around downtown with those.. blue ice looks so inviting!

Great pics- you look so happy in "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" pic. Thanks for sharing with us.

meekorouse said...

=) thanks yeah they were good.. the price point was a little more than I'm used to for your average snowball but hey! I didn't have to go to New Orleans... so that saved a bunch on gas! *teasing*

It was the perfect thing for Saturday's heat. I thought I was roasting! (I don't sweat really I just cook!)