Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yesterday.. last night.. Lakers downtown

Like a festival at Staples Center

Mounted Police

Laker Fans

LAPD mounted, watching over..
LAPD Mounted Police keeping watch over the foot traffic heading to Staples Center.

LAFD heading.. somewhere
LAFD still on the job too.

Lakers at the Redwood
So the BlogDowntown & other downtown Bloggers can meet up and enjoy watching the game..

and eat some tasty game food...

Meeko & the Redwood Cheeseburger
Meeko & her Redwood Cheeseburger
photo by Eric (white boy/white dog)

Redwood Cheeseburger (close-up)

Eric (skidrowdude)
this photo by Meeko.. cause it was only fair. ;P

there were 8 of us in attendance at one point or another and the Lakers won! Not bad at all.


skidrowdude said...

Ha Ha- touche!!! I guess I deserved it, but you and the burger make a much better pic.

It was great hanging out w/ you folks- let's do it again soon!


meekorouse said...

I was glad you made it! For me it's not so much about the team but about having opportunities to engage people in social events. Nothing heavy-handed about hanging out with folks at a sports bar. Besides, if the conversations lull there's still the game.. and if the game is dull we can all talk about something else.

Like those burgers.. "That's a really big bun!" ;P but it was filling so it's ok...

Hope you're doing alright these days. Hope your walking feet are healing up!