Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Review

Returning to the apartment from my trip to the library today, I picked up one of those "Downtown News" papers. It seems everyone is publishing an end of year review with what has already occurred.

I shouldn't complain. South Park, the neighborhood I live in, is prominently featured on the front cover. Between the Ralphs Fresh Fare and the LA LIVE project, South Park is on a fast track. Maybe because we live under the giant cranes and around the construction walls, we don't appreciate the change as much. Perhaps it's because we're new or we just haven't lived here long enough to form an opinion. All I know is that there is so much going on out there that I don't know about and want to know more.

I'm grateful for the blogging that the other, more talented (or more practiced) writers are doing out there. It just seems like recycling old news stories and printing them on paper, is a waste of trees and ink. I personally think in the years to come, the news will be blogged. While I don't have the stats, I would think that most people get their news from online sources, whether from blogging or web-based news services. The ability to blog the news as it happens or share information to an online database of unlimited people, has unlimited potential.

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