Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Yule.. Happy Christmas! Happy Birthday..

I'm pretty open to all of them. I come from a family of die hard Christmas people.. Ok.. so my mom is crazy about Christmas (can't say as much about the rest of the folks) but from October to January.. it was always festive if nothing else, (stressful is the 'if nothing else'). Since then the holidays tend to get me a little down.

Tomorrow I'm thinking (oh tomorrow is today.. *sigh*) I may end up going to the Holiday Celebration over at the Music Center. I read about it on BlogDowntown and it sounded cool. It takes a while to find out that tomorrow is just another work day for some of us, but not me. I asked him if he wanted to go, but SeanYoda doesn't sound as enthused. 10minutes of each performance maybe isn't compelling for him, but there's bunches more going on so we'll see when I can drag myself up the hill and over there. Sooner than later, I would think. Why watch it on tv if it's right there in my back yard? (ok I don't have a back yard). It's not like I have to walk all the way over to WeHo or something. *grin*

But it's nice to be around people that are celebrating too. I need to soak up some happy energy, even if it's from a distance. Then again it might make me depressed for all those over-decorated, over-gifted, over-fed holidays. LOL My needs are few.. Just enough food, just enough festivities without making an ass of myself, and just enough kindness to go around.. One must take all the kindness one can get I would think: let make merry. =) Christmas is once a year.

I guess that's when I'll get some sleep too.. (next year).

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